Guided Meditations


Meditation is the cornerstone of my spiritual practice. Whenever I'm feeling lost or muddled, I stop and sit down and reconnect with my soul.  These 4 meditation tracks will help you find the trust to go forward in life, knowing you have access to infinite wisdom within.

  1. Deep Trust in Life Meditation

  2. Infinite Soul (Morning) Meditation

  3. Let Go & Let Flow Meditation

  4. Releasing & Restoring Peace (Evening) Meditation


A Perfect Way To Start & End Each Day

Two of the four meditation tracks are perfect designed to help you create a meaningful morning and evening ritual that transform your life.

Daily Mantras

Written and spoken by Anita, each meditation contains especially crafted mantras to help your reprogram your mind for abundance, flow and ease. 

Energetic Shift

Powerful Visualization take you on a journey to deep levels of relaxation so you access profound inner wisdom.

Aligned Music

Each meditation is curated with soothing music to reset and raise raise your vibration.


What They're Saying

Meditation changed my life when nothing else helped, since then Guided meditations have been a part of my life. However, I'm very picky with which I like.  I am so in love with Anita's new meditation tracks!
The soothing music, Anitas calming voice and the enchanting meditations are wonderfully relaxing, recharging and give beautiful vibrations. I highly recommend them; for newbies or the regular practitioner.
- Linda Sonnvik