How to know if you're destined to travel the world

Some people don't have the travel gene, but if you're reading this, there's a good chance that you were born an explorer.

Do you know the story I first got hooked on traveling? In case you don't before, here's what happened (and even if you have, if I have a juicy new detail to share)! 

I was teaching English in the rolling hills of Italy, living with host families and eating heaps of authentic Italian pizza. I didn't bring a watch, which was silly because I had to manage kids running around all day, but thankfully my host mom lent me one. 

I was struck by the message on it! All the numbers on the watch face were jumbled and around the edge was written, "You don't live in a nine to five world."

Now, this is when I was in university and had no idea that I actually would not live in a 9 to 5 world.  

It was an omen. 

I had to give the watch back, but the message stuck with me. What if i'm not meant to live in the 9 to 5 world?!

Recently, a follower of mine heard this story, found this watch online, bought it and mailed it to me. By some epic miracle, this watch has come found it's way back to, 5 years later!!

It was surreal to hold it in my hand. 

This is how I know that our How To Travel The World Full-Time free workshop on Sunday, November 27 is meant to be. And you're here because you're meant to be.

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In just one hour (+ Q&A time), you'll know my exact steps to traveling the world for 2017:

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  • Behind the scenes of how I become a full-time world traveler.
  • and much more! 

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If you can't wait that long... I've got you covered! Here's my latest travel vlog from Birmingham, UK. I show you a glimpse into my life of travel, how I work (without an office), stay fit and other shenanigans.


Keep loving, sharing and being awesome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my life and this tribe.


Is it Safe to Travel Alone as a Female?!

Hi Epic Souls,

Since I left Canada at the end of December, my experiences have ignited my passion for travel even more. After spending three months in Hawaii, I feel very blessing and grateful that I get to do what I do. I often get asked if it's safe to travel alone as a 20-something female. Here are some of my insights on traveling solo:

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Why We Crave Travel


After traveling to 25+ countries and meeting hundreds of people who work jobs but don't want to, I know that travel is the Call of the Soul.

It is the voice inside that tells us there is a different way. It is the call inside that beckons you to date to think differently about how life "works". What if you're NOT supposed to trade time for money? What if you're just supposed to create amazing, epic, passion-filled things and let the universe provide for you?

The craving to travel is your soul pushing you to see beyond your current paradigm.

Working in job is paradigm.
Taking siestas in the middle of the day is a paradigm.
Building a business is a paradigm.
Living as a digital nomad is a paradigm.

When I travel, I am reminded of how there is no inherently right or wrong way to live. However, there is a way where you soul will thrive the most. Our job is to find it and flourish in it.


Once & For All: Do I have rich parents who pay for my travels?

"You must have millionaire parents who pay for your travels."
I get this comment A LOT on Periscope and I know that underneath it are some BIG assumptions.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.01.33 AM.png

My parents raised me to be independent and since I started traveling 5 years ago, I found my own ways to fund my trips. My parents have never paid for any of my trips. I always worked jobs or found creative ways to fund my trips. Lets break it down:

ASSUMPTION: Travel is a luxury and for the rich.

1. I made a conscious choice that I wanted to live more simply and but meaningfully. for me, that included travel. I prioritize deep, meaningful experiences over accumulating stuff. I would rather spend my time doing things I love, even if this means making less money in the beginning, but get to enjoy every day

ASSUMPTION: I can't do what I love AND travel. I have to do what's "practical."

2. I focus on developing my passions and then offering to help others with my passions & skills. As a result I've landed jobs that paid for or enabled my travels. I always think of what services I could offer to help someone else and it leads to amazing conversations and opportunities to help companies abroad. For example, one of my fav trips was doing social media for scuba diving shop where I got free accommodations and over $1500 worth of diving for free.

Travel is often a BYPRODUCT of choosing to pursue my passion. My best advice is to try this theory out for yourself. I promise that if you put your passion first, it will pay off in the long run.

ASSUMPTION: I don't have enough money to travel.

This one is easy. All we have to do is do the math. It's actually cheaper for me to travel than it would be for me get a traditional job and stay in Canada. For the average person living in a first-world country, if you choose to save more and spend less, you would easily have enough money to travel for several months.

If you want to learn more from on how to fund your travel (or even get PAID to do it!), be sure to check out the Paradise Pack!

I'm honored be one of their 2016 guest travel experts. It's a world-class bundle from over 20 veteran travelers, $2500 worth of resources and available for only $197!

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Infinite Love,
Anita x

What I've learned from traveling for 5 months. Part 2

This is part two of my blog series on what I’ve learned from my past 5 months of living Project:SoulFam - a year long vision quest to find out what it really means to live your highest purpose.  

This journey has literally taken me around the world and back. I’ve slept on 30 different couches, homes, air mattresses, tents hotels and hostels - all donated or supported by people who believed in this mission and wanted to support it.  I’ve been to 8 states in America and 6 countries. I’ve traveled by foot, bike, cars, plane and trains.

Click here to read Part 1.

5. We all have so much to give!

I spent the last 18 weeks living out of one suitcase and one backpack. This could be a curse or a burden. I can’t count the number of times that I thought, “if only I had that ______ that I’ve left in Canada.” It’s mind boggling to think about all of the yoga pants, sweaters, accessories, purses… (I think you get it) that I left behind in Canada. I jumpstarted my journey by auctioning off all of my favorite books and raising $1200 for refugee relief.

If you are reading this, the truth is that you are wealthier than 90% of the world’s population. When we shift our focus away from ‘what new gadget do I need’ to ‘how can I help someone today’, we realize just how abundant we are. We all have time, energy, passion and enthusiasm that we can give.

6. Practice minimalism to make life more meaningful.

My good friend Amanda Hathorn of is a huge advocate of minimalism and living with her for two weeks, we started the #MinsGame. The idea of this game, started by The Minimalists, is that everyday of the month you get rid of more things. Starting with the 1st, you get rid of 1 item. On the 2nd, you get rid of two items. On the 3rd, you get rid of three items. By the end of the month, you will have thrown out, donated or sold 500 items!

Even though everything I currently own fits into suitcase, I still had excess things to carry around. The beauty of this game is that it challenges you to stop accumulating and figure out what really makes you happy.  However, minimalism is not just about throwing stuff out, it’s about keeping only the things that you light you up in your life.  Freeing yourself from the excess and you’ll create more freedom in your mind.

7. Find people who help you grow.

Now for a big lesson in relationships.  Over the last 18 weeks I stayed in the homes of over 15 families and couples and saw the insides of their homes.  I learned a lot from seeing the differences between couples and how they interacted. I met couples that emanated deep, pure love and other couples that seemed like there were just living together to make ends meet.  I’m seen being a relationship out of fear can end up creating a cage for yourself. It’s best to take time to grow yourself first then latching onto a partner and then getting divorced in a few years.

8. Money flows where good goes.

If you are doing something good in the world, there is no shortage of money or support for your efforts. You just have to start asking and start doing. From my free meditation workshops, to my refugee work, to my online content, I’ve seen that people want to give and support people who are doing good things. Even when I have things for sale, people will donate money instead of buying something.  This shows me that they don’t even want a product. They just want to support a good soul. When you are doing things genuinely and transparently, people want to support you. We just have to be brave enough to be the first person and step up to ask.

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The Moment Everything Comes Together + FREE gift!

On the other side of your leap of faith is a miracle. People think that they'll fall flat on their face but In my experience, everytime I take a leap of faith. something incredible beyond-words happens. 

We did it again.

anita wing lee travel

Even with my experiences, it still took a lot of faith and courage for me to release my Funded & Flow course on a "give what feels good" basis. I had no idea if it would go totally bust and ruin my "online business" forever.

However, this has totally changed everything. We raised over $1000 and 40 new people joined the program! But I never did it for the money. Messages that I received like why I believe in so much:

"Thank you for letting genuine people like myself a chance of donating what we can. I am currently a single mother but I share my love and what I can give with my family friends and community what I can.

This is proof that when we tap into our flow and follow our inspiration fearlessly, we create miracles for ourselves and others.

How did I finally decide to release my course on a 'Give What Feels Good' basis? 

I asked myself, "what does it take to be the best version of your self? Your boldest, bravest, brightest self?" and I listened for the answer.

Over the years, I've found that what we are looking for is often right underneath our noses. It's just that we have so much chatter in the mind that we can decipher which voice to listen to.  Anytime I'm feeling stuck, I stop and look around, instead of plowing through the struggle.

This process of asking, listening and leaping has brought me some of the coolest experiences and people ever.

And that’s why I’m super excited to share with you a totally free guide from Jason Moore and Travis Sherry, the co­founders of the Paradise Pack.

They interviewed 10 people who are making money online in 10 different ways and broke down their entire process for being successful. I was recently featured on Jason's Podcast, Zero to Travel and we talked about different ways to crowdfund your travels.

As a solo travelers for the much of the last 5 years, I know the power of travel to unlock your potential and this guide covers it all.

10 people. 10 ways they've made a living money to travel the world.  Real­ life examples, details and stats. 

Get The Guide FREE Here.

I trust that free guide will give you more insights to live a life where you also take many leaps of faith. Enjoy!

Infinite Love,
Anita xx

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What I've learned so far from traveling for 18 weeks. Part 1

Its been 18 weeks months since I left home on this journey of my lifetime. It's called Project:SoulFam and it's my grand experiment with life.

Many people thing that you have to have it all figured out before you can make a difference in the world.  They say things like, “I’ll donate when I pay off my mortgage. I have no energy to give because I'm tired from work.” I’ve always had this feeling that there must be more to life than just working for money so that you can do what you want after the money comes.

For the past 18 weeks, I’ve been traveling all around the world, waking up everyday with one question that steers my to-do list: How can I serve?

How can I help more people? How can use the gifts, talents and resources I have to help more people?

This journey has literally taken me around the world and back. I’ve slept on 30 different couches, homes, air mattresses, tents hotels and hostels - all donated or supported by people who believed in this mission and wanted to support it.  I’ve been to nearly a dozen states in America and 6 countries. I’ve traveled by foot, bike, cars, plane and trains thousands of miles.

I raised $5000 for refugee relief efforts. I volunteered in the heart of the refugee crisis in Lesvos, Greece. 
I did talks for students in Canada, Periscopers in Califonia and spiritual seekers in Ireland. 
I interviewed dozens of refugees and help share the stories that mainstream media doesn’t tell. That led to me becoming an advocate for the refugee crisis and helping a small town on the west coast of Canada raise $60,000 to sponsor a refugee family. 
We crowdfunded my first book on Kickstarter. 
I was invited to lead meditation workshops at two retreats: one on a cruise ship to Mexico and another in Ireland.

anita wing lee

I met hundreds of people along the way and every single one taught me something profound about life. (I can’t thank you all enough. Thank you.)

Right now, I’m in Birmingham, UK working on The Soul Of Humanity book and producing Global Meditation Scope - a movement of Periscopers live-streaming meditations around the world I founded back in August 2015.

As you can see, I worked on numerous projects and causes. It's been a whirlwind. The way I decide what to work on is through my big question - How can I serve? Where can I help?

Project:Soul Fam is all about How far our ripple effect can reach if we focus on giving, sharing and loving more.

This is part 1 of a 2-part series where I’m ecapping what I’ve learned in this journey and how it's change how I live, lead, create and serve.

1. We are all part of the ripple effect of miracles.

Whether we do smallest act of kindness or a dedicate your whole life to serving others, it all adds up. In Greece, I saw how this intricate network go volunteers and donations would keep refugees warm with dry clothing. Independent volunteers came from all of the world to help. This means they were attached to a big NGO like Oxfam or Red Cross. They were ordinary people who saw the tragedy in the news and jumped on a plan to help. Some of these people ended up quitting their jobs back home and selling their cars to stay and do humanitarian work full time. Others could only stay for a few days a few weeks to volunteer. Together, they helped to feel, clothe, guide and care for hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Personally, I enjoy dedicating my entire life to helping people and that’s led me to be more entrepreneurial. However, I have the utmost respect for people who choose to work in 9 to 5 jobs, but still use their vacation time to serve others instead of sipping martinis on the beach. It all adds up and every bit we do to help another adds to this never ending ripple effect.

2. Let others help. It helps everyone more.

When I first started on my journey, I needed to get from Toronto To San Francisco to speak at the legendary Summit Live. I could have paid $400 to buy a ticket, but I considered this option through my filter: how can I serve more? I considered another option.   I put out a call to my online community that I needed a few places to stay across the country and I wanted to host donation-based meditation events to raise money for refugee relief.  People began to step up one-by-one.  I spent 15 days couchsurfing in 9 homes across America from New York to San Francisco.  I’d never met any of my hosts in real life before. I only knew them from live streaming Periscope.

I saw clearly that when I asked for help and got more people involved, more lives were touched. I was no longer talking about inspirational topics to people from a screen, I was sitting in their homes and having heart-to-heart conversations. It took some faith on my part to stay in the homes of strangers but I trusted my gut and was able to reach more people.

3. Live in a constant state of gratitude.

As I couchsurf in people’s homes, drink their water and use their electricity, I’ve learned to live in a constant state of gratitude for everything.  I don’t take anything for granted anymore because everything I consume is the result of someone’s kindness and generosity. Even if you’re not couch surfing like me, we can always remember that someone helped to produce everything we use. This allows us to appreciate everything we have in life - including the WiFi that allows you to read this article and me to post it online!

4. Have Faith In Humanity.

Throughout this whole journey, in everything I do, I do my best to help others and someone always seems to help me in return. (I’m not going to pretend I’m perfect in this department, but I am genuinely doing my best to help others.)For example, my boots broke down and a few weeks later someone else gives me a new pair.  I gave my sweaters away and when I was cold, someone gave me another one.

Deep down, I know now - without a shadow of a doubt - that if I were to lose everything, I would be okay. Before I took the leap myself, I was prone to believe in a survival-of-the-fittest world.  Now I’ve tested the waters and I know there are good souls in this world and people who will go out of their way to help you. I choose to be part of the ripple effect of humanity and as a result, I believe in the good in humanity. I know it exists because I am apart of it.

Check back soon for Part TWO of this blog series on Project:SoulFam.

If this inspires you, be sure to check out Funded & Flow. We're breaking all the rules and releasing my online program on a Give What Feels Good basis (you set the price!). Click here to learn more and be inspired to embark on your own great adventure.


When You Have Two Options, Choose Extraordinary.

For every dream, there is a time when it was just an image in someone's mind.

For years, I imagined what it would be like to travel the world, doing work that I loved and helping people around the world. Now this is how I get to spend my days. This is exactly what I dreamed of when I was a university student, looking out the library window, studying for exams.

I'm just an ordinary girl, but because I took a change to pursue my dreams of serving humanity on a global scale, I live an extraordinary life. Like everyone, I had the option getting a "normal" job, but I stuck to my vision and everyday it comes clearer and clearer into focus.

My hope for everyone is that they would get to experience their version of an extraordinary life.

Yes, of course there are ups and downs on the journey, but what's life if you're not doing everything in your power to live your best life?

For the last few days that I've been in Birmingham, UK, I found dozens of little moments to step back a little and just sit in gratitude.

The fruit here is the same as in Canada. The weather is about the same as in Canada. The biggest difference is me. I'm braver, bolder. I know without a doubt that anything is possible because Life is a miracle.

The journey will change you. Go for it.

xx Anita


How did I end up in Ireland?

There are times when I step back and wonder, "How did I end up here?! I can't believe this is my life." I find myself in Ireland for the next few days as I lead meditations and sessions for a retreat with some amazing souls I met through Periscope. This place When asked what my intention for the retreat was, I said that I wanted everyone - including myself - to learn to trust. Trust that there is something much bigger that will take care of you. Trust that inner voice of wisdom. Trust that it's going to work out beyond what you could dream. Have the courage to trust. And then that trust will grow its own foundation so solid that you KNOW can do anything. Even though I'm good at taking leaps into the unknown, there is still a Next Level for me. Like a bouquet, the flowers do not stop blossoming after one opens. They keep coming.

They get bolder, larger, taller.

When I wonder if I can hold my bouquet of projects together, I remember that it's not about my ability. I'm just here to be the vessel for the ideas, movements and work in the world that is trying to be done through me. This means I take responsibility for the ideas that have been given to me. I do my best and I keep growing so that I can hold a bigger and bigger bouquet.

Even when it scare me and I feel like I don't know how to do it, I remember my one of my favourite quotes from Joan of Arc, "I am not afraid. I was born to do this."

Of course you can do it. This is what you were born more.


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The Best Thing About Living out of 1 Suitcase.

GRATITUDE - one of the greatest gifts I receive on this journey is the opportunity to be grateful for EVERYTHING. The longer that I live out of 1 suitcase, couchsurf the world and devote 100% of my time to building projects to help people, the more I realize that everything l-i-t-t-l-e thing I carry with me can be traced back to someone's love.

The sandwich I'm eating as I write this. The electricity that is powering my Macbook. The water in my cup. The shirt I'm wearing. The soap I used this morning.

his literally keeps me in a constant state of gratitud.

The fact that I'm physically still alive is because of this community - our global soul family. The fact that I'm going to UK in 26 hours to work on a book that we've crowdfunded is because of Community. Everyone has access to this kind of community when we take the focus off of "what can I get" to "what can I give".

This is the New Economy.

People are waking up and realizing that working in a job for a paycheque is not living. Truly Living is the opportunity to give your gifts, talents and energy towards projects that lift your spirit and fill your soul.

When we dig deep, we'll realize that we don't even want the money! We just want to feel ALIVE. To be surrounded by people who are also alive and excited for life.

It's time to stop chasing things and start questioning - What Will Be My Legacy?

Infinite Love, Anita xx
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You Have More Power Than You Realize.

It's time we stop playing small. I feel it. I see it now. Do you? We are so powerful. We CAN change the system. And the crazy thing is that our primary work is to do the INNER work. Then we will unlock our capacity to serve at our highest potential in this world.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. What makes the difference between someone who slaves a way in a job they hate and someone who raises $1million for charity?

THIS: some people have learned to live their True Calling. When you are a soul a fire, the universe MUST respond and open doors for your purpose to be fulfilled.

There is a lot of work to be done in this world, my friends. Yes, take the time you need to reset. Take the time you need to soak up the magnificence of life.

Then don't just stay sitting in the hot springs. Get up, get out there and serve.

There are a lot of people who need our help. And everyone who is reading this message right now has a lot more to give than she realizes.

Share this post - there's someone who needs to hear this today.

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What True Freedom Looks Like (And It's Not What You Think)

There are people who like to sell the idea of "freedom". They make it seem like you can buy it by following their blueprint: get this job. Buy this program. Following my 5-step system.

I tried all of that for years until it left me in a heaping pile of constant anxiety and fear. I could understand why it wasn't working out.

"But I bought your $2000 online program! How come I'm not having the same success you did?"

Finally I went within and found the answer: you are meant to do something TOTALLY different with your life.

You can't follow someone else's blueprint to reach your fullest potential. You must CREATE your own blueprint.

True Freedom is having the courage to follow your heart no matter what others tell you.

Freedom is not following someone's "sales strategy". Freedom is just following your own inner vision and allowing it to blossom.

Freedom is allowing your mind to dream as big as possible.

Freedom is giving your soul permission to make it happen.

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