Beginner's Guide To Start Living With Passion: 3 Ways To Bliss

I'm writing to you from Arizona! I'm here with

one of my best friends on our makeshift grad trip.
I'm so grateful and honoured to have you in The Passion Playbook
inner circle.  You have something to offer the world, and it's okay
if you're still figuring out that what that is.

I want you to know that you can live so passionately that you
bounce out of bed at 5am excited to face the day.  It's not always
easy, pretty or uncaffeinated, but it's worth it. With your smarts,
our savvy strategy and good TPP company, you can be infinitely
wealthy, happy and fulfilled.

I'm not just saying it.  I've seen it happen again and again, and
it'll happen for us too.

I'm loving Arizona because everywhere I turn, I can see a bagillion
kilometres away.  No skyscrapers obstructing my view of the
limitless.  I feel free, at ease and confident.

 Most people don't know that my travels weren't always this way.

I was that girl (and still am) who was always up for an adventure.
It started when I was 20. I went on my first trip alone, teaching
English in Italy, and thrived on the liberation that comes only
from living out of a small backpack for 9 weeks. I was hooked.

Countless passport stamps something odd happened: my trips started
to suck. Like a small cut that grows into a yellow, gushing
infection, my OCD-ness for the perfect trip turned into an

I worried constantly about wasting my time on the "wrong"
attractions. I got annoyed over trinkets I forgot to pack and had
to buy again.  I rarely spoke these thoughts out loud (I would've
sounded so spoiled!) but that didn't stop these party-pooper
musings from from tainting every good experience I had.

You could be in the perfect position right now to accomplish
everything you've always wanted, but you won't see the
opportunities if your mind is crowded with negative thoughts.

{!firstname_fix}, that's why I'm sharing with my top 3 tips for
shutting off the non-stop downer chatter:

1.  Feel your breath. I have a daily meditation practice that helps
me calm my mind before the bustle of each day. Even if meditation
isn't your thing, try this: when you can feel that you're doing
down the rabbit hole of 101 Things That Are Wrong With My Life,
focus on your breath. Make your inhale and exhales as long as you
can. Get out of your head, and into that feeling of aliveness. Let
me explain:

2. How amazing it is that you're alive as a human!?  When you break
it down, we're made of the same shtuff as a desk, a tree and even
toothpaste: we're made of atoms. What if the atoms that make up you
had become the kitchen counter instead?  It's a miracle that you
are alive and conscious on this planet.  You can feel love, see
bright colours and sing along with your fav song while driving.
Enjoy it!

3. Be grateful for silly things. Now that you realize how amazing
it is that you're alive, what are 10 things about RIGHT NOW that
you can be grateful for?  I'm grateful that I have fingers to type.
 I'm grateful that I speak English and you do too. I'm grateful for
nail clippers. Write 'em down. You'll instantly feel lighter.

Next time, I'll be telling you about the number #1 obstacle that
almost prevented me from discovering my passion for travel (and is
probably holding you back from achieving a great many things)!

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Until then - just love & passion,



P.S. If you have some burning questions about how to find your
passion - let me know by hitting REPLY. I would love to hear from
you :-)