Do you ZERO time to do what you love? Here's how to make some.

I always imagined that the would be 50%

mindset-shifts (change your attitude, change your life) and 50%
real-world strategies (things you can do TODAY to start living your
passion and launching a career you love).

I enjoyed doing the webinar so much that I'm planning on doing more
free training sessions where I'll give you mini-crash courses on
the practical skills that will empower you to create a career that
excites you.

BTW, will
be launching next month! I can't wait to finally have a website to
house all of the love notes I've been sending you. Tell ya more
about it later, but yes, it's happening!

For this week, I'm tackling a juicy Q: What if I don't have ANY
time for my passion?

We end up in situations in life, whether by our choice or not, that
we are plain-jane not passionate about. Like:

a) A tough / boring course in university that doesn't spark your
interest, but you know the content will be beneficial to learn

b)  A job in a field that doesn't fire up your passions, but
renders a healthy cash flow and gets your feet wet in the
professional world

I get it. Sometimes life squeezes you so tight, you feel like a
wrinkly raisin (but still look to be in your 20's, thank
goodness).  Squeezing sensations are great news!

 I congratulate you because it means you're about to hit a personal
growth spurt. Do the BEST that you can during this time so you can
become who you want to be. Let me 'xplain:

Four Ways To Still Inject Passion Into Your Life When You Have
ZERO-Zilch time

1. Carve time out where you can.  Active word: carve.

There might be times where this seems impossible, (80+ hour work
weeks, anyone?) but you, you're a freedom-finder.  Can you wake up
earlier, or use your weekends?  Can you check email (er, Facebook)
just twice a day instead of 16x? This will involve sacrifice, but
it's time you accepted your role as the Designer of Your Life.

Ideally I would sit down with you and cut the fat out of your
schedule (which will be possible soon!) but until then, find 10
minutes to cut to #2.

2. Read up, soak up.

Find blogs to subscribe to, podcasts to listen to on the commute,
co-workers with similar interests.  In my experience, making even
the tiniest actions in the direction of my desires (googling 'ways
to travel for free', when I wanted to travel on a budget) always
led to new ideas and opportunities that I hadn't thought of.

Ride the way of exhilaration that comes from seeing all the ways
other people have managed to do what you thought was impossible.

3. Dance in the Lull.

At SOME point, there will be a lull. Life is cyclical. There's the
holidays, post-tax season or summer vacation (Hello, June, July,
August 2014). Use that time to actually engage in your passion.
Sign up for that mastermind-yoga-adventure-surfing retreat or
attend that conference.

Do things that help you unwind from a hectic work schedule AND fill
your Soul. Tweet that:

4.  Bring passion to everything you do.

If not joy, then at least, just acceptance. I've learned the hard
way that if you expect e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in your life to line up
happily once you get "there," you will n-e-v-e-r be happy. The
attitude that you have towards your whole life (including the
non-ideal job, the dishes, etc.) WILL BE the same attitude you
bring to your chosen activity of passion. Flow with your life for
now and plant passion seeds everywhere you can.

Let's make summer 2014 one where you get closer to having a
full-blown career and life that you LOVE, sound good?

What are five things you'd want to do, be or experience this summer?

Write 'em down. Now over the next week, find 10 minutes each day to
google one thing and see what comes up.  What most excites you?

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Catch ya soon!

Love Always,




Anita Wing Lee