What It Really Means To Live Your Passion

One of my favourite days -

the longest day of the year! - is fast approaching and it reminds
me of how we should savour our time.

Everything takes time.  Lots of time. More than I know how to
fathom at my age.

I'm 23.  When I read about the careers of people who are doing what
I would love to do one day, I can feel the whole ship sinking.

AAAH, there's so much to do. How am I supposed to do all of that?!
I don't know how to do 99% of the things they talk about and the 1%
things that I can do, I suck at.  I'm tryingggg. Why aren't I there
get? I'll never get there. Blah, blah, blah.  You know how it goes.

Here's the thing: every "success story" I hear about includes 4-6
years of doing gigs for free, living below one's means to fund the
dream, slowly getting traction and expanding the core team.

4-6 years is a long time (especially when I just spent the last 5
years in university)!

After seeing this pattern enough times, I know now that those years
hustling are a required part of the journey.  There is no way I can
"catch up" without growing personally and professionally for
another 4-6 years.  That's how melt you silver, remould it into a
ring and become the person you want to be.  You grow into the shoes
you want to fill.

Along the way, never complain that you get to be in the Arena.

I've adopted this mantra and this story is it comes from:

An up-and-coming filmmaker recently got his first feature film in
major theatres. He was confident that it would do well at the box
office. It was his finest piece of work yet and he'd spent many
years refining it to perfection. The film BOMBED. The critics
either hated like or totally ignored it. The film didn't make a
cent and the filmmaker was devastated. He shouted angrily at the
world, Why can't they see how great my film is?!

When he mentioned his film's awful performance at the box office to
a veteran filmmaker, the vet told him, "Never complain that you get
to be in the Arena. In the big leagues. You're in THEATRES. Even
the best, high-paid directors have flops. As a newcomer, be
grateful that you've made it here and keep creating."

While I don't purport to be "in the big leagues" yet, I embrace the

mindset that I'm in the Arena.  I'm making my contribution with my
little space on the interwebs.  Therefore, I don't get to complain.

I don't get to complain about my website woes.  I don't get to
complain about my design disasters.  In fact, I'm grateful and
humbled that you would join me on this crazy adventure called
"Following My Passion."  My job is to stay in the Arena. I keep
learning, sharing and growing so that we can all find that inner
happiness and passion that leads to true dream careers.

What keeps me going is this idea: if I were to keep at this website
thingy for the next few years, I will get exactly where I want to

I don't know exactly what my life will look like in 10 years but I
love that I get to let my imagination run wild.  I know there's a
chance that everything I dream up will happen because I'm taking
little steps in that direction today.

What would you love to be doing in 10 years? Your job is to find
your Arena. Meet some veterans. Get perspective. And then get to
creating. Practicing. Remolding your life in that direction.

You will never arrive "there" and be able to say, I'm living my
passion! It starts today. One passionate day at a time.


What it really means to follow your passion:


  • Know that you have something to give the world.

  • Know that you are worthy of your dreams.

  • Prioritize your happiness and sense of fulfillment.

  • Take small but deliberate actions to do more of what brings you joy.

  • Know that your happiness IS the greatest gift you can give to the world.

It's not about being so self-centred that you care only about
yourself.  Actually, when you care about the world enough to take
care of yourself first, you do better by everyone: by your family,
by your friends, by your colleagues.  See how this all fits

Now it's your turn,

Are you in the Arena?  Hit reply and let me know how it's going!
 I'd love to hear from you.

All Dreams & Passion,