Having Regrets? Rewrite Your Past, Literally

I did a job interview yesterday.  

No, I'm not quitting out on all of you but as a matter of being a human I need money that I can put it back into growing The Passion Playbook and helping more people.  So I'm actively exploring and attracting my dream income source until TPP can fund my work full-time. 

There was a point when I thought I would NEVER work in international development again. 

After two summer internships in East Africa, I was fed up with the dirt, corruption and lack of proper infrastructure.  I'm not cut out for this, I decided.  

These "stains" on my resume are why I've rewritten the about page on my websites hundreds of time.   I tried to make sense of (erase) those odd internships and get back on "track."  But I couldn't shake the feeling that writing my East Africa internships out of my bio felt like I was cutting a part of my identity off.  

There is no denying that riding the bus across the Tanzanian deserts for 3 days was one of the most emboldening things I've ever done. I'm braver for it and often think that to those times.  ("If managed to do survive THAT... I can surely survive my life in First World.)

In today's video blog, I talk about honouring your journey and accepting that it's all part of the learning experience that brought you to where you are now.  


Do you have regrets about past decisions you made in your educational path or career path? 

How can you choose to see that period of your life  in a positive light? 

Please comment below with as much detail as you can.  You never know - someone might have gone through the exact same thing and need to hear the experience reframed. 

Thank you for being a part of my world and sharing this journey with me.  I would love for you to share ThePassionPlaybook.com with all your loved and cherished ones, that we may all have the courage let go of our fears and activate our greatness.

All my love & passion, 



P.S.  Welcome to the all NEW ThePassionPlaybook.com! Dig around and let me know what you think! :) 


Anita Wing Leewriting