The New Paradigm: Giving Is New Living

On my journey of living out of 1 luggage, doing whatever I can everyday to help others, I am astounded by the generosity of human beings. During my stay in Miami my host, Vanessa, commented several times that she didn't have much to give, but she hoped that offering up her couch helped.

Every time, I gave her a big long hug and tried to reassure her that YES, it does help. If I had to pay for an Airbnb by myself in Miami, it would have easily cost me several hundred, plus transportation and groceries. Instead, by hosting me for 4 weeks she contributed to this intricate web of change and helped breath like into the epic projects I worked on from her dinner table.

In return for her generosity, I hope that I inspired Vanessa and gave her a big push towards her dreams. I gave her unlimited access to ask me anything all the time and I gifted her access to my online courses and meditation album.

It seems like a fair exchange from both of us our hearts.

Then that voice creeps in... who I am? Who am I deserve the generosity of others?

I can already hear the thoughts of critics who judge me and say that I'm milking off the generosity of others.

But this is where I really challenge myself. I know in my heart that I am not on this journey simply to travel the world for fun and giggles. I am making this journey because I can feel in my heart that this is my way to Be The Change.

Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Not write the change. Snapchat the change. Drive the change. Buy the change.

To me, being the change means wholeheartedly living it. In every facet of my life. No holding back. No safety net.

I want to live a life of total service, where every decision I make is superseded by the question: how can I help, serve and inspire someone?

I will live out of my 1 suitcase for as long as it takes to demonstrate to humanity that service and generosity can fuel the world. It is fueling my life. I have yet to go hungry or homeless and so far, we been able to help and inspire several thousand people.

We don't need to stay in box cubicle jobs to pay for box cars and box homes. There is a different way of being in this world and I'm on mission to reveal it.

We have a much deeper capacity to be a force for good than we realize. We have to start thinking differently about life, giving and meaning though. We have to start opening up to new possibilities. Even just opening up your home to a crazy girl who's living an unconventional life means you're part of this never ending ripple effect.

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xx Anita

Anita Wing Lee