Our first ever "Give What You Can" Day!

For my birthday, I'm celebrating with our first ever
"Give What You Can" day!

Back in October, I was thinking about how I'm turning 25.  I found myself wondering "I haven't accomplished anything! I've tried so hard to make something of my life and what do I have to show for it!?" I was sitting in my parent's house, spending hours a day on my laptop.  Sure, I've built out this stunning little corner/empire on Internet and filled it with my love and positivity, but I still felt like it wasn't enough. So I made a decision:

I'm going to make this year- my 25th on planet on Earth - different from any other.  I'm going to make it really count.

On Dec 29, 2015 I packed up my life into 1 suitcase, 1 backpack and 1 handbag and left everything behind. My heart wide open and soul on fire, I ventured into the unknown. In the last 30 days, I've stayed in 13 homes in 12 different cities and met hundreds of incredible souls already.

When I left, half of my suitcase of books and prints to give to people. Now half of my luggage is now things that people have been given to me through because of the Soul Fam Fund to help refugees in Greece.

This journey is slowly whittling away the last of any fear or limitations I had. From this space, we can create anything.

People often ask me how did I get started? How did I pay for my travels? How do I do it? 

I wish I could have coffee dates with each of you, but here's what I can do instead.

As a thank you to everyone who has supported me in my journey, I wanted to give you a change to learn everything you'd want from me - ON YOUR BUDGET.

On Feb 2nd from 12 midnight Athens time to until 11:59pm PST, you can give whatever amount you feel called to give to receive my birthday bundle.

Anita's Birthday Bundle.jpg

In my Birthday Bundle, you'll receive:

  • Funded & Flow Online Course ($397 value)
    • Have you been putting off your dreams because you don't have enough money? This online program is packed with everything about how I manifest abundance and get paid to do what you love - including travel the world.
  • Zero To Network Online Course ($197)

    • What would your life be like if you knew you could land any job you wanted? This happened to me once I learned how to network powerfully and authentically. Networking isn't icky. People are waiting to hire you. I'll show you how to build a professional network with soul, get hired by your favorite company and land the jobs of your dreams. Learn more.

  • Touch Of Infinite Meditation Album ($22)

    • These 4 meditation tracks will help you find the trust to go forward in life, knowing you have access to infinite wisdom within.

    • Includes: 1. Deep Trust in Life Meditation, 2. Infinite Soul (Morning) Meditation, 3. Let Go & Let Flow Meditation, 4. Releasing & Restoring Peace (Evening) Meditation

  • **EXCLUSIVE** How To Be A Scope Influencer ($99, not available anywhere else.)

    • Learn my proven strategies for getting top influencers to collaborate with you and elevate your mission.

    • Behind-the-scenes reveal of how to use "events" establish myself as an authority on Periscope.

    • How to raise your vibe to attract your tribe by the thousands. Includes BONUS track: Meditation To Attract Your Tribe

Total value: $715 USD
Your Investment: You name it!

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