When You Have Two Options, Choose Extraordinary.

For every dream, there is a time when it was just an image in someone's mind.

For years, I imagined what it would be like to travel the world, doing work that I loved and helping people around the world. Now this is how I get to spend my days. This is exactly what I dreamed of when I was a university student, looking out the library window, studying for exams.

I'm just an ordinary girl, but because I took a change to pursue my dreams of serving humanity on a global scale, I live an extraordinary life. Like everyone, I had the option getting a "normal" job, but I stuck to my vision and everyday it comes clearer and clearer into focus.

My hope for everyone is that they would get to experience their version of an extraordinary life.

Yes, of course there are ups and downs on the journey, but what's life if you're not doing everything in your power to live your best life?

For the last few days that I've been in Birmingham, UK, I found dozens of little moments to step back a little and just sit in gratitude.

The fruit here is the same as in Canada. The weather is about the same as in Canada. The biggest difference is me. I'm braver, bolder. I know without a doubt that anything is possible because Life is a miracle.

The journey will change you. Go for it.

xx Anita