What We Really Need To Be Happy

What do we really need to be happy?

I spent the day getting my bearings again in Revelstoke, BC, Canada. I'm going to be here for the next two weeks speaking at schools and to a few local groups to support Revelstoke For Refugees. As I biked around to the co-working space and set up shop I remembered:

Happiness is.. being in town is small enough that I can bike around.

Happiness is... the mountains, fresh glacier air and a solid fiber optic WiFi connection to connect me to the world.

Happiness is ... having the guts to dream of changing the world.

Happiness is ... having the freedom to work on projects you love.

Happiness is ... getting work with people you love (and hugging them!)

Happiness is ... believing and then SEEING miracles occur before your eyes.

Like this stack of gift certificates on the table. I've received over $200 in restaurant sponsors from people who have never met me, but they've heard about Project:SoulFam, my work supporting refugees and they want to help.

Happiness is ... knowing that one person can make a difference and then being brave enough to be the One to do it.

Like Revelstoke For Refugees. This small town of 7,000 has raised $45,000 of the $60,000 needed to sponsor a Syrian family to Canada.

When we put our focus on the things that truly make us happy, we have the power to change the world. Because deep down, what truly makes us happy is serving others.

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