The Biggest Gift of All Is My Global Soul Family

What’s it really like to couch surf?

There are times when I miss having my own bedroom. There are times when I think of something that I left in Canada and wish I brought it along. But what I’ve gained by living on little, has far outweighed what I might be missing.

I’ve stayed in beautiful guest rooms. I’ve crashed on couches. I've gotten covered in dog hair. I’ve been woken up by kids playing video games. I’ve cried in airports alone. I’ve gone hungry. I’ve also been stuffed with epic home cooked meals.

Along the way I’ve accumulated several soul moms, dads, sister and brothers. Literally, over 50% of what is in my luggage today is things that people have given me. I’ve been given more gifts than I can count. The hugs. The late night conversations. The shampoo.

However, the biggest gift is knowing that if all hell went loose, at least I would have somewhere to crash for a few nights. In Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco, Paris, and Birmingham. And isn’t that why some people work themselves into the ground at offices that don’t fill their soul?

Everyone is just trying to pay the bills and pay for the home. But I don’t focus on my material needs. I focus on living my fullest potential and serving humanity. I may have no home in particular and very little stuff, but in return I now have a handful soul homes around the world.

So even when I’m feeling run down from all of the moving, at the end of the day I’m grateful. I am grateful to be on this journey. I’m grateful that its obliterating all semblance of fear of the unknown and replacing it with a knowing we are never alone.

We are all part of a global soul family that will give you a home. With this in my heart, I sleep well every night, no matter if it’s a couch, bed, hammock, tent, or…

Please share if this inspires you. We are all in this together. <3

Infinite Love, Anita xx