Are You Unconsciously Letting Others Define Your Life?

When we close our eyes long enough to ponder who and what we really are, we will remember that we are pure energy. Pure consciousness.

Often in my guided meditations on Periscope, I ask people to become aware of who is doing the looking when you’re eyes are closed.

How is it that we are still consciousness when our eyes our closed? What does that mean for the nature of reality?

When you contemplate existence long enough, you will realize that we are all figments of consciousness and everything that we perceive in this life is an illusion. Life is literally like a movie scream and when you close your eyes, it’s movie has turned off.

The problem with most human beings is that we get caught up inthe movie and we keep rehashing the same problems over and over again. The truth is that we can turn off the movie (aka. go to sleep) and the next time we turn the movie back on, we can choose to change the channel, instead of watching the same story again and again

For example, how I choose to perceive the life I have now is totally subject to someone’s opinion. One version of my life could be that I’m wasting my time writing and creating content online to post into the abyss of the internet.

Another version of my life could say that I’m changing the world by raising the consciousness of the world with my content. One the outside, it looks like I’m the exact same thing - sitting on my laptop typing - but there are two totally different stories.

So what will be the story you choose?

Don't let anyone else define what your life is really about. People's opinions can change all the time, but your heart will always speak the truth. Jamming out to epic ideas from my laptop in Revelstoke, BC.


Anita xx

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