Enjoying The Process VS. Chasing Quick Success

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What this world needs from us is not more people who are chasing false success and trying to sound good. What this world needs is people who are real, raw and human. People who aren't trying to fake it to look good. People who care more about heart than numbers.

I've been taking a little break from social media because I realized that in order to make things that are deeply meaningful, I need to dive deeper. Some lessons are just for my soul to chew and digest right now so that what flows out is pure and clear. I've still got tons of stunning photos from Paris that I want to share, but I'll do it when the time feels right. 😉

I don't believe in rushing things anymore. For those of us called to create things in the world, what we are making is too important to dilute. Take your time to collect the right ingredients and bake the cake soulfully. When the cake's ready to be shared on a bigger scale, you know. And it'll be a lot better than a half-assed cake where every 30 seconds you were trying to post in my Instagram stories (guilty).

I'd rather be real, than perfect. I'd rather create 2 powerful, deeply meaningful things in 2017, than 5 glossy, patched, fake-feeling things. I'd rather love you, this tribe, with all my heart, instead of have 1 million meaningless likes.

Saying no to the "shoulds" is just as important as saying YES to your soul.

📷: Sunset cruise on the Seine River. It was freezing cold, but so fricken beautiful. I don't even have words. This picture says it all. 💛