The Real Reason I Came Back to Toronto (This Year).

In January 2017, I came back to Toronto because it was time. I knew that I needed to heal my relationship with my parents and do my part to love them. I may not be able to control how others respond, but I can choose to love them. My hope and intention in sharing my story is that you'll know you *can* live your truth. 

I was terrified of coming back, but I knew it needed to be done - so that I can be the best and most healed version of my light. I came with an open heart, had lots of awkward conversations and listened with compassion. It wasn't always like this but now I'm really grateful to say that I have parents who support me and love. Even when it's scary, we can choose love. 

Sorry this video is a little rambling. I was Periscoping at the same time. So we love and learn. 💛 

My video how about how to deal with parents who don't understand you (filmed in summer 2015):


Ep. 1 - I'm finally ditching all blueprints:
Ep. 2 - Coming Clean: