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How To Make A Million Dollars in 1 Year - with Kimra Luna

'm excited to bring to you my new Youtube Series: Soul Fam Jam! Meet one of my personal mentors, Kimra Luna. With her signature blue hair and punk rock style, marketing expert Kimra Luna is a self-taught, self-made "almost millionaire." Born and raised on government assistance, Kimra went from $0 to $900,000 in the very first year of her online training business.

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She had no money and she liked it - with Lilou Mace

I just finished reading I Had No Money And I Liked It: The Abundant Journey Of An Open Heart by Lilou Mace and it is incredible. You can feel her love and pure energy pour out from pages. I devoured this book in 36 hours and I’m pretty sure I will do the same with her prequel, “I Had No Job and I Liked It” later this weekend.  I even stayed up late to read it, which is notable because I’m a stickler for sleeping on time! 

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