How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Have you ever found yourself lingering on someone's blog or Facebook feed and then feeling like total crap about your life? I certainly have!

And I also know that people sometimes look at the snippets of my life online and think that I have it all figured out. (Here's the truth: I don't! We're all students of life.) 

Early on in my entrepreneurial journey, I was always comparing to someone else's. I would think, "I'm almost catching up to her!" or "Aw man, I'm still so far behind! I will never get there." Sometimes I still catch my mind thinking these thoughts, but now I know that comparing myself is just wasted effort

Watch this video to learn how I deal with comparison and jealousy.

What I've learned now is that we ALL have our own cosmic timeline and journey.  It is pointless for me to try to model someone else's career, because it is utterly impossible! We will all have our own path. 

Caught in a downward spiral of comparison and jealousy? Try this: 

  1.  Meditate. Realize that those are just thoughts. We don't have to believe what they tell us. 
  2. Detox from social media or anything that triggers the feelings of competition. 
  3. Do things you love purely because you love them. Take time to nurture your own soul.  Repeat until you feel centered in your dreams and own path. 

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It is an honor to get to serve you online and on Periscope. My main intention is that by sharing my journey of following my dreams and adventuring out into the world, you might also find the courage to do it yourself too. 

Infinite Love, 

Anita xx