Creative Living Tip #3 : Give Yourself Space To Integrate

201903 CUBA-5.jpg

Life is not just about producing, producing, producing. It’s about growth. There’s an element of surrender that I love about growth. I don’t know when my next triumph will come, nor when my next valley will happen. I just know that if I give myself the space to take a step back, I’ll be able to integrate either experience and the lessons it brings. ⁠

For me, space looks like taking events and self-imposed obligations off my calendar. I literally delete work sessions off my Google calendar and replace them with the words SPACE, R&R or “Time to commune with God.” ⁠

When the scheduled time comes, I do whatever feels most healing. I go to parks, read books, see friends or take naps. I might do this for one day, or 2-3 weeks, depending on how long I need. ⁠

I no longer berate myself for this period “doing nothing”. I am doing something very important: NOTHING. A plant sucking carbon dioxide out of the air doesn’t look like much, but it is transforming waste into something that gives us life! ⁠