The 3 Unconventional Habits Of Top University Students

I've been thinking about what separates normal people from crazy people who go off, do their own thing - something that they love and believe in - and become wildly successful at it.  Since I'm just at the cusp of my professional life, I can't speak from that experience yet, but you could say I got a pretty good start in university.

When I was in college, I landed some unconventional internships. Over the last 3 years, I got to travel to and work in 21 countries and much of that enabled was through paid internships.  Although it's fun to say, "I've been to 21 countries" the truth is that it came together one baby step at a time.  

I can trace my fun internships back to couple of actions that I started doing in my second year.  It started with one little decision. One decision would build a relationship, unlock an idea, or produce a particular result and next thing I knew I was flying across continents for my last two years of university. 

I've outlined what those decisions were in my new free-guide, The 3 Secret Habits Of All Outrageously Successful Students.  

Here's a quick rundown of the e-guide:

Get The 3 Secret Habits Of All Outrageously Successful Students E-Guide (...Its Free)! 

The 3 Secret Habits Of All Outrageously Successful Students is based on my experiences and what I've observed from other students who started nonprofits or businesses while still in school. 

These habits are "secrets" because few people will outright talk about them. If they did, the whole education system would fall apart! (Hint: Habit #1)

We all know that just going to school and getting a degree doesn't guarantee happiness, fulfillment or job security (or even a job).  It's time look at things a differently. 

So what does it take really to make living doing what you love?  How do have to think? What do you have to do differently?

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Get The 3 Secret Habits Of All Outrageously Successful Students E-Guide (...Its Free)!