Some things must be felt, not posted on Instagram.

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I kept wanting to post yesterday but everytime I thought about what to write, the phrase "I have no words." would to mind. So I stopping trying to. Some things are meant to be felt. Like the luscious feeling of our feet on the group. Fresh air through my lungs. Food in my mouth. Gratitude in my heart. Some things are meant to be processed internally. 

The importance of getting off technology once in a while is obvious to us: constant distraction, unconscious need for other's approval, human contact, nature vibes and OMG our posture. (When we're always looking down at our phones, how often do we remember to look up at the sky?)

It doesn't matter how many opinions you get or what any blogger, expert or guru thinks. It only matters what is the ONE SOLID TRUTH inside yourself: What are you here to do? 
And what are you doing to steer yourself in that direction? Answer that question with certainty and the obstacles will move themselves out of your way.
Get out in the clear (literally and mentally) and you'll discover you already know the answer. 
You already know your next right move.

📸: Photo taken on Sunday. Bodies of water are my second home. I'm gonna sail the world one day, or year. 💛⛵️