I Made It to Paris!


The other night I was showing my soul sis @saraharlen how to map out our 10 year plans. Most of the time I've very forward thinking and it's easy to dream up some castle in the sky to build with my life. This night, however, my mind was blank. I felt like I didn't want to demand anything of the universe. I just wanted to be grateful that I'm already living my dreams. As long as I milk all the joy and precious moments from my current life, then I know that the future will be bright too. Life responds to who you are being, not what you ask for.

Be in awe of life and she will give you plenty more to be in awe of. Use what you've got to create something beautiful and she will give you more to create with. An iPhone can be used to snap photos and send texts to 5 people or you can use it to send love to 5 million people. The only difference is the size of your vision.

Before I was ever running into the middle of the Champs-Élysées in Paris to get the perfect pic for you on Insta, I made the most of life in Toronto, Canada taking pictures at the lake from the dog park.

Life is your movie and you don't have to be an extra or just an actor. You get to be the director, producer, costume designer and everything in between. Sending you cosmic hugs from Paris. 💛