How I Got Featured On TV

Today I got confirmation that I am going to be on TV soon! I'm going to be interviewed as a guest expert on millennials and money. I am shooting the episode this weekend and I will post the full episode on the blog when it goes live. 

The invitation to be on this show came out of nowhere. It was totally unexpected and just appeared in my inbox! 

I thought I wasn't worthy of being on TV for another few years. I thought I needed more "credentials" and work experience under my belt before these kinds of opportunities would fall into my lap. However, this isn't the first time that my dreams catalogued for "when I grow up" actually manifested much sooner in my life. 

I thought I wouldn't get to go to Greece or Bali until I was 30. Instead, I got to visit both of those places in the most miraculous ways before I turned 23. 

Now I know for a fact, miracles occur naturally happens you are living on purpose. Miracles happen because the universe is naturally wired to help you fulfill your mission in life. 

Watch below to learn my top 3 tips to help you stay on the course and achieve your dreams. 


1. Live for something bigger than yourself. 

2. Take many baby steps. What's your next right move? Just do that, even if you're not sure where it will lead. 

3. Stay open to miracles. I make networking and building relationships a priority because it keeps me open to new possibilities. 

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Lots of Love, 

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