How I Landed Creative Jobs: Full-time Content Creator, Producer, Videographer & Designer (Video)

In this video I share many tips for how to land jobs in the creative industries, including photography, graphic design, art direction, videography, filmmaking, web design and more! I talk about building a portfolio, growing your skillset and marketing yourself.

Here are some of the key ideas I explore in the video. (Watch the full video for all the details!)

  1. Just start learning.

  2. What creative industry are you interested in? Start learning about it! if its for you, you’ll have a natural desire to keep learning. I took courses in school, courses out of school. What I did: I took courses - paid and free ones, in school and out of!

  3. Start making SOMETHING. Practice your craft! FOR FREE.

  4. Offer your skills to people! - will need to be decent at what you do to land the

  5. Start a portfolio and make a plan for what you want in it! I knew I wanted travel. So that’s what I put in my portfolio.

  6. Be okay with it looking crap.

  7. Compile your portfolio

  8. Start showing your portfolio people!

  9. Build your skillset: diversify or specialize.

  10. Make something custom for a company.

  11. Be patient & persistent. Keep pivoting.

  12. Get plugged into creative communities!