How Am I and Does It Really Matter?

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I often get asked on Periscope how old I am. I have no problem revealing my age but I often take my time answering because I can sense WHY people are asking. Some people hear little about what I "do for a living" (aka. I live, really live) and how I travel the world and they start looking for a reason why they can't do it.

They want to know how young I am so that their minds have an excuse as to why they can't live their dreams.

"It's great you're 25 but I have more responsibilities, no money, kids, car payments, mortgage payments, etc." With all due respect, I could use the same excuses if I wanted. I CHOSE to work around my obstacles, still live my dreams and creating a meaningful work.

There's a saying, "most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in a decade." Or two, or three decade. Tribe, we've got at a couple of DECADES to build something meaningful! I just visited two grandmas that are 90 and 93. We are not victims of our circumstance.

We have a circumstance because that's our starting point on the game board of life. Oprah didn't come from much, but she (along with divine intelligence) created the tycoon she is today. It doesn't matter whether you start living your purpose when you're 25, 30, 40, 50, or 60+, it just matters that you START. Today. Wherever you are. For every person who started living on purpose young, there's also someone who started "old" and we need both kinds in the world.

Excuses are easy. Living your purpose takes courage. Yes, they're might be challenges, but squashing your dreams for decades is challenging and exhausting too! We might as well aim higher and enjoy the crazy adventure to get there. 🙌

I've met countless people aged 40+ who travel the world like I do. FYI They just don't happen to be blogging it, but they're out here and they will tell you the same thing: you can do it too. 💛

Photo: Paris