How To Be Creative When You’re Stuck In A Job (Video)

You’ve got genius in you. Don’t let the fact that you’re in a job right now hold you back from developing your genius, living a legendary life, and giving life your best shot.

Let’s say you work 8 hours a day. Including the commute that 9 hours of your day that are used up.

Here are Ideas to make your life awesome in spite of or around your job. (Btw, if you have a job, you are already incredible blessed!)

  1. Exercise more. The more you exercise, the more energy you have!

  2. Listen to audio books on your drive. Podcasts are common, but I’ve found that audio books provide a depth that I don’t get in podcasts. It’s likely due to the fact that every word is chosen intentionally in a book, whereas podcasts are off-the-cuff conversations. Books take you through a through journey. It’s like having eights hour for a deep conversation with someone, whereas podcasts are typically only an hour. It also gives me something to look forward to during my drive. I never found myself enjoying my commute nearly as much as when I listened to Thirst by Scott Harrison, I was in Africa!

  3. Take Classes. - Once I started exercising more, I noticed that I craved better exercise. I wanted to use my brain. I felt brainless when I was doing the same actions in the same fitness classes over and over again. I finally signed up for dance classes, two years after I rediscovered dance and it’s added SO much life. I actually feel like a genius after I dance. I feel like I could come up with world changing ideas.

  4. Imagine that you are the CEO of Your Name, Inc. and look at your schedule. How do you think the CEO of your Name inc. manages his time? If you were the president of your country, would you brag about watching a whole Netflix series in a weekend, or would you be scheduling a meeting with the UN to discuss world hunger solution? Ok, maybe you’d do both. Either way, look at your schedule! Redo the whole thing from top to bottom. (LINKK to the Schedule article) Even with 9 hours taken by a job, you will have 6-8 hours to work with. Don’t let excuses take away your power. This is your time, your life. You get to choose how you use it.

  5. Train for something. Imagine that you are in Life’s Ultimate Leadership Development Program. Who do you want to be? What’s the most outrageous thing that you could do to make the world better that would make you laugh? This could be physical training - like training to climb kili. If you’re having challenges in your relationship, what if this is training for you to one day mentor and counsel people in relationships. Rise above your challenges and treat it like a bootcamp for you to learn how to rise above.

  6. Watch one tutorial on Youtube a day. I used this to learn how to redecorate my room and I was so empowered by it.

  7. Redecorate your space. What would your room look like if it was your creative studio? Sprucing up a room doesn’t have to cost very much!Pick a a colour scheme that makes you feel inspired and start sprinkling it into your room.

  8. Declutter your space. What I have in my room and in my drawers is a reflection of what’s going in my headspace and heartspace. It’s ok to spend two weeks just decluttering your space before you do anything else on this list. It will change the energy of your room.

  9. Book off time in a coffee shop! Just like you show up to your office for work. show up your “studio time” in a coffee shop! Every few weeks, I switch coffee shops or order a different drink to keep it fresh. The balance of routine and newness, structure and freedom, discipline and play is how I can stay creative.

  10. Dream up your ideal day! Use your vacation days, or public holidays to start living it! I missed creating video, I started to figure out how I could book in a few saturdays for filming. Sure it might mean that I skip a few outings with friends, but the soul satisfaction and fulfillment and zing I receive from being in my creative zone is well worth it. Balance discipline and play.

  11. Attend a Creative workshop, Lunch & Learn, Networking Session. Some people don’t like going to things like this alone. I love going alone! It gives me a chance to step into the next evolution of myself as I enter a new space and get inspired by what other people are working on! Sometimes it’s even better to go alone. You don’t even have to worry what “someone else” will think, since no one else knows anything abou you yet! Live in a smaller town and don’t have access networking events. Go online! Even if you have to drive further to get to an event, it’s not a bad thing. The drive will give you time to think, listen or rest! (LINKKK to other articles)

Once you implement several of these things on your list, you’ll get a momentum that is unstoppable. Yo’ll be full of energy, ideas and you’ll reclaim your ability to create and produce!

Found this helpful? I’d love to hear what you liked! Leave me comment below. If you have any more questions or ideas for articles, feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to consider them for future articles!

Thank you for reading and for being here!