How To Network Your Way To International Internships, Dream Jobs & Business Success

It's such an exciting week over at Dream Launcher headquarters!  I'm getting to know the Zero To Network members and so honored that young people have joined from all across North America and even Peru!  

Everyday, I'm so grateful that I get to live my dreams already. I'm supporting myself financially outside of the 9am-5pm grind and helping young people to create their most limitless and passionate careers! 

I dreamt of creating something like Zero To Network when I was a university student, but never imagined that I would actually pull it off.  

Seriously, whatever your dream is, make. It. Happen. It can happen.

Anyhow, I'm always looking to connect with like-minded, ambitious people so I contacted Dave of the Moving Millenials podcast over the summer. 

 His podcast is all about empowering our generation to create lives of travel, contribution and freedom and I'm so honored to be one one of his featured guests this week.   

Listen in or download the episode here:

To top that off, my interview Mallie of The Offroad Millennial Podcast also went live on Tuesday. In it you'll hear my tips for crafting your own create realistic dream careers–not an oxymoron!

Check out my Offroad Millennial interview here:

Let me know what you think of the interviews in the comments below!  

Just Love, 

Anita xxxx

P.S. Dave and I also discovered over Skype that we live 15 minutes away from each other! #thankyouInternet ... So we recorded that epic interview for you and then jammed in person last week.  (I so so LOVE connecting with people in person! Do it anytime you can!)   

Anita Wing Lee