How To Spend Valentine's Day (Not) Alone

Have you ever felt like you need something to happen *first* before you can be truly happy? 

If only you could get a better job... 
If only you could finish this semester already...
If only you could afford to travel...

One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that everything you need to be happy is right here, right now. 

Getting out of your current life situation isn't going to make you more happy. (I've tried finding happiness in the farthest corners of the world: it doesn't work...)

I've travelled to exotic places, I've worked from the beach, I've been at the top of the world in Bali and yet, I still wasn't happy. 

Now I get it.  

I wasn't living in the moment. I was too busy trying to get to the next step. 

This isn't a lesson you learn once and forget. Being present is a life-long practice and I'm incredibly to grateful to have a Rock in my life who reminds me of this everyday, my sweetheart boyfriend. 

My boyfriend has been with me (mostly virtually, sometimes in-person) as I embarked my wildest adventures over the last few years. Even though we are long distance for the time-being, he is constant reminder for me that truly:  Life is about Love.  

I'm super thrilled to get celebrating LOVE with this Valentine's Day, (that's tomorrow!) with a special live event in Toronto, especially for us ladies! 

Get your ticket today:

I will giving a talk, sharing my behind-the-scenes lessons from creating the life and the relationship of my dreams.  The event will be sprinkled with meditation, Q&A and discussion as we bring more love and ease into our lives.

Whether your spending Vday alone, with your girlfriends, or a significant other, I invite to come and get inspired! 

This is going to be an amazing life-transforming event, filled with new friends, lasting insights and deep connections. 

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Can't wait to finally meet you! 

Please feel free to invite your friends too. 

May your Valentine's Day be filled with love, wherever you are! 

All Love, 



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