Life Lessons on My Last Day Of Being 25.

Today is my last day of being 25. This has been the most epic year of my life and it's just the beginning. In October 2015, I found myself thinking about how I'm turning 25 next year in 2016. "I haven't accomplished anything! I've tried so hard to make something of my life and what do I have to show for it?!" I was sitting in my parent's house, spending hours a day on my laptop.  Yea, I'd built out the little corner of light on the Internet that is, and my social media via Instagram & Periscope, but I still felt like it wasn't enough.

I knew I could do more. So I made a decision: I'm going to make this year - my 25th on planet Earth - different from any other.  I'm going to make it REALLY count.

On Dec 29, 2015, I packed up my life into 1 suitcase, 1 backpack and 1 handbag and left everything behind. My heart wide open and soul on fire, I ventured out to challenge myself. I dedicated the year to answering this question: WHAT WOULD HAPPEN if we didn't worry about money and careers and work up everyday asking, HOW CAN I SERVE? I called it #ProjectSoulFam. I've lost count but the last time I counted, I've been to 30+ cities and 6 countries this year. The locations and travel are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the depth of what I learned about human potential and what we're capable of when we tap in.

As I look ahead, I want to treading the mapless terrain. To let go all need for life to follow some path and embrace the ecstasy of just being alive and let life unfold. 
To live in a perpetual state of being mind blown at life. 

To slow down within. I can still be in action but to feel the settled mess within myself. I have my whole life to explore the wonders of Mother Earth. There is no rush. I know I'm not dying for a couple of decades and I want to savour every twist and turn. 
To love more. To care about people more. 

To treasure my friendships. I decided a long time ago that I want to be the kind of person who can say "I love you" to anymore. Now I'm learning what that actually entails. To be the alchemist who embrace all of humanity in my soul and creates art from it with my life.

To LIVE. to embody the wisdom that I'm not to "make a living". Iā€™m here to LIVE and give.
To own my greatness and my destiny. I know I will touch billions of lives in my lifetime. To live with such clarity that I can do it all. 

So many people have helped me along in this journey (you know who you are šŸ’›). I'm grateful. šŸ™ Thank you to my tribe for all the encouragement along the ways. Here's to many more years of adventuring together!