Listen quietly. Nature tells us her secrets.

Even as I'm in the suburbs these days, I wander to the places and the spaces where I can feel free. Nature is the ultimate healer. 
I run my toes through her grass and my fingers through her leaves. 
I breathe in her sweet scent. I put my ear to her body and tell her, "I'm listening."
That. ⚡️
She exhales and reveals all her secrets to me. Not all at once, but gradually. The more I am open to receiving, the more she reveals. Her forces more potent than any strategy man could conjure up.

I find my way deeper and deeper into her Heart. The muddy waters of the mind settle and I can see straight through to the other side. She envelopes me and shows me visions.

Just keep walking, she beacons. Be not distracted by people who wave their fancy badges and flashy logos. Follow my whisper above all. The world will no longer be moved by people who are cookie cutter polished and perfect. There's already enough of those in your dimension. They served their purpose. 
That is not your destiny.

The world will be moved by people who are raw, real and human AF. The world will be moved by people who dare to venture on journeys beyond what the west has seen. The world will be moved by people who are honest, even when it's not safe. 
People who take care of people. 
People who love more than they talk. 
The next wave will be led by those who are brave enough to listen to my whispers now, while the path is still fresh and not trodden. 

She asks me, “are you coming? 
This is what it means to be at the front lines of your generation. 
Uncertainty? Sure. 
A radical life? Every freakin day.”
My heart answers, HELLZ YES. I'M IN.