What To Do If You're Too Broke To Travel This Summer

It's odd to admit, but I don't need to go on a trip this summer. I'm quite content living at my parents for now. 

I'm not into mooching off my parents, but this is a just season in the Life of a Modern Day Twenty-something.  (BTW, I fully intend on moving out soon and eventually travelling the entire world round.  I figured it's high time for me to sit 'er down and crank out something useful) 

Still, I'm in the same house everyday and it can be depressing.

I remember feeling so alive during my past trips, partly because I always knew that the experience was going to end.  When my legs accumulated 117 mosquito bites in Tanzania, I *only* had two weeks left to the trip.   When my shoulders were sunburnt in Bali (and I didn't bring any t-shirts!!), I *only* had 10 days left. 

I tried to be grateful that I got to travel anyway. 

Life is never so bad.  

Yea, I'm not cruising across the African desert plains this summer but I'm alive and kicking (and will be kicking until my next season of travel arrives). 

In the meantime, this is how I stay inspired. If you've ever felt like you're dying to go on a trip, you'll love this vlog: 

I believe that if you really want to travel, you must find a way. You need to. Keeping making plans and researching the places you want to go.  

Until you can book your Big Trip, infuse your life with as many mini-adventures as possible. Sometimes a weekend camping trip  without technology is even more refreshing than a hotel room with wifi. 

Now I want to hear from you.  What are your summer plans? What can you do - if climbing active volcanoes isn't an option - to bring more adventure into your life? 

Just Love, 

Anita xo