Why I'm using Patreon: A Sacred Space To Give & Receive

anita wing lee

Sometimes I ask people to hold the camera close to my face. I notice that they usually get uncomfortable coming in closer. Perhaps that’s why movies captivate us. They let us into souls that we’re afraid to bare. If there’s anything I’ve learned on this journey, it’s that true freedom comes from vulnerability. 
It’s alchemizes into the Invulnerability of an Open Heart.

I am you, and you are me. But not everyone gets this, and when we’re just starting out, we need that sacred incubation space. This is the Home I’ve been trying to create: space for you, my loyal soul family spread around the world and a safe nest for my soul. 
Now, it’s ready. 

If you find regular courage, inspiration or a superhuman-belief-in-the-possible from my work, and I’d be honoured to have your support. Patreon is a space where I can share extra resources & encouragement privately - on my creative process, living a brave life and carving our own paths. The founders of the company have created an beautiful, deeply sincere space for the exchange of love/value/financial resources that helps to sustain artists' and creators' work. That's why I'm choosing to participate in Patreon.

I’ve been making content for over 3 years. There have been times that I wanted to give up but then I think of you and all the emails and comments I've received over the years.

I certainly don't feel like you owe me anything. I do this work because it is what my soul compels me to do. It is my great joy and gift to the world. It is my heart's expression.  Patreon is another way that the great circulation of gifts can continue to flow.

This is exactly why I'm nurturing a sacred space on Patreon, and not a $100/month premium membership coaching. Those kinds of things never felt right. They may be more lucrative, but it's not what feels right to me. What I create online is my sacred work and to price it is impossible. As a gift, it must be free. If I were to price it, it would be priceless.

Ultimately, we are collective, a team, on this never ending journey of life. I share what I do, because that's what a good friend would do.

If you feel called to support me via Patreon, I gladly and gratefuly welcome you. As a thank you, you'll access to dozens of posts not shared anywhere else. (These posts are not shared elsewhere, not because I'm trying to withhold content, but mainly because it is a space I feel safer to share things that are more raw. Not trying to create a paywall. Just being honest.)

You can also join my Patreon for zero if you want. Patreon gives the option to edit your pledge to $0.01 (I believe) when you become a Patreon. You will still be an active Patreon and receive my posts.

Thank you all for powering this work in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

Learn more or Support here: Patreon.com/anitawinglee