How I Manifested A Being A Speaker At Periscope Summit

This week is my last on the cruise ship. So much has transpired over the last 4 weeks that I know my soul has comprehended more than my mind has (and it will be coming out on this blog in the coming weeks. :)

I’ve found many moments of transcendence. Often, it's when I remember that the universe really does have my back - like when I miraculously land a dream gig. 

I heard about the first ever Periscope Summit within my first 2 weeks of creating my Periscope account. Even then, I just knew:

I’m going to be there. I’m going to get a free tick to Periscope Summit because I’m going to be a speaker. 

Periscope is a medium that is completely different from anything out there. It allows me to share my story in real time, with all it rawness. I have quite literally had my heart cracked open by my followers (I call you my #SoulFam) on Periscope.  (If you’re not following me on Periscope, be sure to download the app onto you phone and find me @anitawinglee.)

On Wednesday, September 8th, I found that I am, indeed, getting a free ticket because I am speaking there. 

I am actually on their speaker page with one of my punk rock biz mentors, Kimra Luna, too! 

Even as I write this in my little cabin on the cruise ship, it blows my mind that all of this happened. I barely even had internet over the last four weeks! I went from being online 10+ hours a day to being lucky if I even got 3 hours in a coffee shop, 3-4 days a week. 

I had to make choices between going out on adventure carting on the Alaskan terrain, or sitting in a dingy coffee shop to get wifi. I chose the adventure cart, but this also meant my “business to-do list” had to wait. 

This was harder than it sounds because I’ve put countless hours into this blog and into Periscope. I had to let it all go and just enjoy the moment. Then I got to watch the universe perform miracles on my behalf. 

This is I landed my gig at Periscope Summit:

1. I didn’t do it alone.

Since I’ve deepened my connection, I’ve had hundreds people come into my life and encourage me in my path. Many of my Periscope family, have supported and inspired me in ways I could never have fathomed. All of the contributions of time spent showing up in my broadcasts, financial resources donated and energy spent writing me letters of support have keep me going. 

2. I followed my intuition and created something EPIC on Periscope. 

 #GlobalMeditationScope was an idea born in a last night scope. I bought the domain right on that broadcast and then in only 9 days, we brought together 120 Periscopers in 11 countries to lead inspirational and healing meditation live broadcasts on August 8th. #GlobalMeditationScope has now become a collective movement of Periscopers who scope with soul. 

Although I didn’t create #GlobalMeditationScope so that I could be at Periscope Summit, I knew it had impacted enough people that it could have a spotlight at Summit.

3. I asked for help and surrendered the process.

After August 8th, the GMS family was already talking about a NYC meetup. I couldn’t do much for planning, however, because I was whisked off to Alaska for my cruise ship gig. So I wrote inside the private FB group for GMS Guides and asked for help. My beautiful friend Deborah Deras stepped up and emailed one of the Summit organizers. BAM. They said they would love to have a meditation event as part of Periscope Summit. 

4.  All along the way, I put my soul’s calling before my “should’s.”

Whenever my soul is longing to be deepened and nurtured, I can feel it. 
It tells me to go outside. 
It tells me to meditation and listen for my inner guidance. 
It tells me to let go of the littleness. 
It reminds me that I am an infinite being of light for whom all things are possible. 

This connection to my soul, to my inner light, is exactly what allowed me to manifest being a speaker at Periscope Summit. 

Know that whatever big dreams you have, whatever stage you’ve dreamed of standing on - you deserve it and it coming straight at you. Have faith. Know that your dreams are not mistakes. They are your destiny. As you learn to let go of the fear and embrace your authentic power, you’ll find yourself living your dreams - just like I have. 

So it is with great joy and the deepest gratitude that I announce that I’ll be leading the first ever #GlobalMeditationScope LIVE in NYC on September 24, presented by Periscope Summit:

8:00 - 8:45am Morning Meet & Greet with Anita Wing Lee @anitawinglee and the #GlobalMeditationScope family.  Free admission, open to all. 

9:00 -11:00 am Official #GlobalMeditationScope LIVE , open to those with official Periscope Summit passes.  Featuring a workshop,  interactive Q&A  guided meditation, live music and soulful tips to help you light up Periscope! See for full details. 

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Ma’dear, dream freely, live fully and love fiercely. ok? :) Let me know if I will see you in NYC!

Infinite Love & Gratitude, 

Anita xx