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You Are A Genius: How to Find Your Advantage and Excel

We don’t look at someone like Serena Williams, the tennis legend, and wonder why she can’t play basketball very well. It would be absurd for her to think to herself, “I’m a terrible basketball player. I suck at long distance running.” Of course! She’s meant to be a tennis player and and she’s a world class at it.

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What entrepreneurship teaches me about living my best life

Our careers are not about what we create on the outside.  They're about who we become on the inside. From that perspective I'm incredibly grateful that I chose to be an entrepreneur and start my own business because it challenges me everyday to be the best possible person I can be.  

Being an entrepreneur brings me closer to to true inner peace and fulfillment, which is what we are truly seeking. My business is my like spiritual path because it made me ask these tough questions. 

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Where I Found the Courage to Carve My Own Path.

Why do we crave travel? When we strip away the fancy jet planes, french croissants and Facebook airport check-ins, what's that longing to travel? 

I've learned that the desire to travel is the call of your Soul. It's that tiny voice inside that reminds you that there is more to life than what we can see if our First World Bubble. 

I ran into an old friend last week. We hadn't seen each other in over a year and he commented, "I had no idea you wanted to be an entrepreneur," to which I replied, "Neither did I!" 

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