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How To Be Happy (Especially On Mondays)

What do you do when you wake up on Monday morning with an insane feeling of dread? 

In the past, I would freak out and get anxious about putting myself into a negative tailspin. (That, of course, would put me in a negative tailspin!)  Now I know to do something different. I take extra time in my mornings to reorganize my energy and set my intentions for the week. 

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How to keep your sense of awe for life

Yesterday I was in downtown Toronto for a meeting and on my way home, this ordinary moment caught me off guard.  As I walked up the stairs onto the platform, I saw Toronto's Union station in a completely different light.

This time, I looked up, and I saw the blue sky peaking through  open roof. I looked down the train tracks and I could see for miles. I took a big deep breath in and allowed myself to soak in the magnificence of this place. My memories of Italy came rushing back to me.

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