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How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself with Negative Thoughts

Have you ever asked yourself questions like these?  How do I stop sabotaging myself with negative thoughts and ideas?  Why do I feel more exhausted even though I’ve been reading up on health & wellness? How do I get my thoughts and my behaviors to work together so I can accomplish my  goals?  If this is you, you’re not alone…

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My Most Honest Blog Post Yet.

Since I started creating my dream business and posting about what I’m doing on social media, I’ve had many new and old friends tell me that they think what I’m doing is amazing. 

What you can’t see on the outside, is that since I have started I have wanted to quit about, oh, 50 times.. 

My intention with my blog is to share my journey as openly and authentically as possible, with the hopes that when you see what really goes into bringing your vision out into the world, it will give you the courage to start and keep going when it gets tough. 

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