The Best Definition of Travel Ever

This is a the BEST definition of travel I've found in a long time:

"Travel can be a symbol for the willingness to share and the willingness to flow, to accept and not expect."

Most people think that travel is a luxury, but that's just what marketing and advertising campaigns have taught us. Truthfully, travel is a CHOICE. It's your soul nudging you to wake up. It's your soul reminding you to surrender and not be a attached to material possessions.

For me, travel was a decision to get out of the western world university->job->car->house->mortgage paradigm. I knew it wasn't for me. There had to be another way to live and I wanted to find it. On my first trip to Italy 5 years ago, I saw glimpses of this other way and there was no going back.

Today I travel for different reasons. It's no longer about escaping and seeking. It's simply about a commitment to share light and go with where I can serve the most. 
If it takes me into a city, ok. 
If it takes me to the desert, ok.
If it takes me to a tropical island ok. 
If it tells me to stay put & create online content , ok. 
If it tells me to deal with no wifi, ok. 
It's no longer about the form or exotic sights, but about the content of my character and intention. It's about how much love I spread and I can experiencing every moment.

Why do you travel (or want to travel)? I'd love to hear below! - AWL 💛