There's nothing you need to figure out.

What if everything you dream of is actually just glimmers from your future self trying to nudge you along? What we don't actually "manifest" anything so much as we just got stop resisting it? About a year ago, I got turned off by all the "manifesting" talk going around. People trying to teach us how to "manifest" more wealth, more success, more of the universe going OUR way. It seemed to direct our compulsion to more, more, more, without solving the original problem, which is our compulsion and feeling of lack. In my own journey, I've learned that my soul rests most happy when I dwell in surrender.

I remind myself that the universe is wayyyyyah smarter than me. Planet earth has been around for eons, our solar system for millennia and all of it has been expanding and evolving nature just fine without me clutching onto my manifesting list. I'm just an instrument of a much greater force that beckons all of us to be brave, be leaders, be beacons of light.

So as I working on my next video from Hong Kong and bringing Think Therefore Travel to life for spring, I choose to stop fighting. I know my little 2017 plans are crumbs compared to what Life has in store for me.

"It doesn't matter what you do so much as whether you do it from a place of relaxation or compulsion." Everything we do and make is laced with the energy we put into. And I want everything I do to be laced with a feeling of relaxation, comfort, ease, heart and pure love for the craft.