Why Today Is Most Important

Dear Ones, today is important. At some point you must stop seeking and realize that everything you need is HERE. I received an email from someone who found me on Instagram recently. She said she was deeply inspired by my way of life. She's been frantically looking for opportunities that would allow her to quit her desk job and travel. She feels unfulfilled and knows that's not the lifestyle she wants.

I want to share something with you:
I know that the desk job life is not for me, but I'm not here to tell you to quit your job and "escape the 9-5". What I am here to tell you is that there IS another way. I am living it. I have found a way of being in the world where I am always financially supported as I create epic things to give people. I travel the world, to wherever I feel called. The perfect opportunities and people always show up at the right time.

How did this happen for me? More importantly, how can you create YOUR version of this?
It comes down to one thing:
OWN it.
Own what your heart tells you. 
Follow its advice fearlessly. 
Let your faith be bigger than your fear. Everyday. 
I see you. I hear you. 

Dear Ones, NOW is the time.