Why We Crave Travel


After traveling to 25+ countries and meeting hundreds of people who work jobs but don't want to, I know that travel is the Call of the Soul.

It is the voice inside that tells us there is a different way. It is the call inside that beckons you to date to think differently about how life "works". What if you're NOT supposed to trade time for money? What if you're just supposed to create amazing, epic, passion-filled things and let the universe provide for you?

The craving to travel is your soul pushing you to see beyond your current paradigm.

Working in job is paradigm.
Taking siestas in the middle of the day is a paradigm.
Building a business is a paradigm.
Living as a digital nomad is a paradigm.

When I travel, I am reminded of how there is no inherently right or wrong way to live. However, there is a way where you soul will thrive the most. Our job is to find it and flourish in it.