One-on-One Mentoring

Conscious Leadership, Life, Money & Creative Growth

Hi Epic Soul! 

Welcome to my sacred space on the Internet. You now stand at the gateway between a life of doubt and a life of profound peace and trust.

I know you. I have stood in your shoes. You have an inner knowing that you are meant for me, but you haven't been able to break through this invisible barrier of clutter and burdens. 

Maybe you've found your here because:

  • You're trying build the conscious business of your dreams but keep hitting roadblocks
  • You feel trapped in your job and are serious about travel the world, doing work that meaningful
  • You feel lost and want to have a powerful energetic shift to move forward

When you are able to see your own life from the perspective of the Infinite, everything changes. 

Let me be clear, I am not "life coach."   I am not a business, career, health or relationship coach. Yes, my clients experience massive changes in those areas of their lives, but I'm not here to help you grow your brand or business. I'm here to help you transform into the most powerful version of YOU and guide you to create your epic sh*t in the world.

I am visionary. I am luminary.  I am spiritual mentor and guide. I am a relentless creator. I am leader at the forefront of a seismic shift in our generation. The face that you've found your way here meansthat you are a leader too.

If I am meant to be your guide in this lifetime, you already know it.  Let me know show you: take a breath, right now.  

If you feel a "no" in your gut, you can stop reading. No hard feelings or judgement. My blessings to you on your journey.  

If you feel a "yes," keep reading. Welcome HOME, Epic Soul.

I hardly ever work with private clients anymore as I devote 99.9% of my energy into my artistic creations, but if you're serious about this, we can talk and see if this is destined to git.  If we work together, it'll be at least for 3 months, because that gives usenough to create a RADICAL lasting shift.

We dive deep into your your life purpose.  We get you clarity on your next steps. We give you an experience of the profound state of peace and trust that you can carry with you for the rest of our life. Using a combination of healing modalities, power meditations and laser coaching, we will recreate your life. 

My sacred mentees have gone on to travel the world abundantly, change jobs, start businesses, build communities and much, much more.

You will never the same. <3

Anita is a real inspiration to me through everything she's doing (from social media posts, to live chats, and online programs, etc.) She showed me and the world what's possible for millennials to claim our callings and live a life that sounds and feels like our own vs. someone else's. When I got the opportunity to work with Anita, I jumped right into it! 

Anita doesn't teach people to become her; instead, she empowered me to become who I am. Through her authentic coaching approach, genuine advice from years of working & travelling full-time, and suggested exercises/practices, every coaching session becomes a unique opportunity to make shifts happen organically.

- Stephanie Lu, Toronto, Canada

She has way of coaching with sincerity and courage that is unlike anything I'd every experienced at my university.  She made me feel confident in my abilities as a student and optimistic about my future as a young professional at a very critical point in my life. 

I would recommend working with Anita in a heartbeat!

- Julia Khaykina, Yekaterinburg, Russia