A Message from Anita: 

Hi Friends!

I'm going to New York City in 3 weeks to complete a training with Gabrielle Bernstein. (If you're not familiar with Gabby Bernstein, she is a powerhouse speaker, leader, mentor,  life coach, 2x  New York Times Best Selling author and spiritual teacher.) I have been following her work for some time, and her work has transformed my life and my heart. 

The reason I am going Spirit Junkie Masterclass is because I am committed to growing my business from the inside out.  I want everything I do to be an outpouring of the love and light I feel inside.  I don't do what I do to "get famous" or create a business. I do what I do so that we can all live our best lives. 

What brings me the greatest joy in life is when I am able to learn things from my own life experience and share them with you to empower you. However, everything that I do costs time and money. If my work has in any way helped you, inspired you, uplifted you, kept you up at night or brightened your day, I would be honored to have your support as I embark on this journey.

This training will take me from Toronto to New York for June 4 - 8.   Tuition for the Spirit Junkie Masterclass is $2400 USD and with transportation, accommodations and food, etc., I expect the total expense to be ~$3100 CAD. 

I'm excited to be sharing this next step in my journey with you.  You are my constant inspiration. 

In the words of Troy Bolton, "we are in this together. "

If any of my work has helped you, please consider pledging using a major credit/debit card. I've prepared some limited-edition gifts below for you as a thank you. Everything that I learn in this training will be put to use to grow this blog and community. 

No matter what, know I am forever grateful for your presence in my life.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you. 

All My Love, 

With every donation, you get access to my all new 7-part Mindset Course, #BEMOREBRAVE, for free and a limited edition #BEMOREBRAVE postcard with a personalized message from me! 

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Reader Level - Donate $10

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Thank you so much for your support! 

(All gifts will be delivered out by the end of June 2015.)

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