The Freedom Career coaching program was designed for aspiring changemakers who know they were meant for MORE in life than to sit in a soul-sucking job. They want to live their passion.

Do you feel lost and stuck in your current career path?

You know you want to change careers but not how to get out? 

Do you feel confused over which passion to pursue and how to make a career out of it?

Do you have a feeling that you are meant to make a huge difference in the world?  

Let me show you how..


Hi, I'm Anita Wing Lee. In the past 4 years...

I have never ended up in a job I didn't want. 

I traveled to 21 countries, most of it through paid travel gigs or all expenses covered. 


I came back to Canada in April 2014 and within months I  started my an online business with a thriving community of ambitious, bold young people, who all want to make a difference. 

This September I landed my dream gig with a hot, young design firm in downtown Toronto purely from being me.

There was no job application, no job posting, heck, not even a job title. They hired me because I was me, I've been living my passion and I knew how to express it authentically.

I never settled for less than my passion and as a result, I now have a career.  

I've realized just how possible it is for everyone to travel, find their true passion and launch a career making a difference.

No matter where you're at right now, I want you to know that you CAN make a career out of your passion. 


You're in the right place if... 

  • You're a recent college graduate and or about to graduate soon and you KNOW that you don't want to spend the next couple years  sitting in a cubicle. 
  • Or, you're in your 20's, been working for 1-5 years and considering going back to college or university because you hate what you do now. 
  • You're working in a job that makes you feel like you're wasting your life away. 
  • You want to start afresh and lay the foundation for a career that actually inspires and excites you! 
  • You know you have so much potential, so many big dreams, but don't know how to make the pieces fit into a career.
  • You want to be one of those people who is LIT up, FIRED up and passionate about your life! 
  • You're stuck in the fear..."Can I really create the career and lifestyle I want?"

Just Imagine How Amazing You Would Feel If...

  • Every morning you woke up excited for the day ahead because you know you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing in life
  • You know you cannot fail because you are living your purpose in the world.
  • You knew you could land any job you wanted, and never had to worry about *looking* for a job ever again.   
  • You are SO passionate about your work that when you choose to work *extra* hours, its because its fun! 
  • You have created the lifestyle of your dreams: you wake up when you want, work when you want and travel when you want. 
  • You partner with a coach who will make your road to freedom faster and more successful!

Get the personalized attention you need to hone in on your passion and make it your career! 

Career advisers, online programs, another college degree or certificate, might help you gain skills but you still need to know how to turn your passion into you career. A fulfilling career is not just about skills, it is knowing exactly what you're MEANT to do in life, and then being bold enough to go for it. 

Coaching is 100% customized to your needs, your vision for your life and your goals. You have a partner who is going to push you higher and farther than you thought possible and make sure you succeed. 

Why you need coaching: Getting clarity on your passion and life purpose is THE link that will open endless opportunities in your career.  It is a process: get the clarity and implement it into your life.

This isn't a job change, or industry switch, this is a LIFE DIRECTION change.
From "supposed to do" to "meant to do."  
From a life of obligation to a live of passion and true freedom

Without coaching, you could end up jumping from job to job, wondering why you're not still fulfilled. 

What your life can look like with Freedom Career: 

  • You can embark on that amazing backpacking trip that you've always dreamt of 
  • You can land a sweet gig with a company that is changing the world
  • You would not trade your life for ANYONE's, because you love what you do! 
  • You get to travel the world, to wherever and whenever you want. 
  • You ONLY work with people that appreciate you and on projects that inspire you. 

By the end of our 90 days, you will understand how to: 

  • Get crystal-clear on your passion 
  • Take concrete steps towards turning your passion into a career where you get paid for learning, creating, growing and inspiring others. 
  • Network your way to any job you desire, by being authentically you
  • Build a personal and professional network of colleagues, peers and potential employers who adore you and want to hire you. 
  • Create alternative sources of income (if you desire) 
  • Create an online platform for yourself and a personal brand so that you stand out from the crowd (if you desire
  • Live your passion on daily basis, so that you create the foundation for a lifelong, dream career. 

Apply now for a complimentary Discovery Consultation with Anita and find out if this is the right step for you.

How It works

Freedom Career is a 90-day coaching program and includes: 

  • 1 x 90 minute Freedom Starter Session where we hone in on your passion, map our your desires, vision and create a strategy for your success. 
  • 11 x 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions where we keep you on track towards your goals, consistently prioritize and map out your next steps and get feedback on your progress
  • VIP access to my signature online program, Zero To Network, where you'll learn to network powerfully and authentically. Learn exactly how I successfully networked my way to three paid travel internships and how I consistently land my dreams gigs by building genuine and lasting connections with anyone you want to work with. Includes video modules, private FB group, checklists and PDFs. ($500 value).
  • Unlimited support email access to me in-between sessions. What does this mean?  You send me an email and I will always respond within 48 hours so that you get the advice you need from someone who knows you and will hold you to your vision. 
  • Exclusive access to Anita's personal network of social entrepreneurs, changemakers, trailblazers, executives, recruiters and more, so that you get a powerful jump-start to your network. 
  • 2015 BONUSES:
    • 2 x 60  minute clearing and healing sessions.  We will use EFT/tapping, a powerful technique that has transformed my life and enabled me to overcome my fears and limiting beliefs.   We will clear your subconscious fear, release your mental blocks and help you build true confidence and magnetic passion. 

Your investment: $2000 or 3 payments of $750

Your next steps

1.  Click here to request a complimentary discovery consultation.  

2.  You will receive a response within 24 hours to schedule a free 30-minute discovery consultation with Anita to talk about your goals.

3.  You are not obligated to enrol in The Freedom Career if you schedule a call.  

Seriously, you have nothing to lose.  

Do you want to end up in a job only to discover that you can't stand it?
Are you considering going back to school because you have little idea what you want?  

Contact Anita first, and see what are your best options for the next step of your journey! 

What They're Saying...

Its been an amazing, incredible, and fulfilling experience since I started my career journey under Anita's guidance. 

Anita has made me to "think big" and "think global". Before when I use to share my ideas of social good, and social change with the people around me they use to discourage me by saying "its not realistic" but it is you who have made me think that noting is impossible.

The coaching sessions I have had with anita have given me loads and loads of positive feedback, motivation and strengthened my inner BELIEF. I know NOW that I can  ACHIEVE my passion and I know what I'm meant to do!

Anita, I don't have words to thank you how much you have contributed to my growth and success. I believe and my 100% certain that under your guidance I will make my dreams come true whether it is my charity oy Youtube Channel. 

Thank you for all your help and being "AMAZING"! :) :)
- Syed Rizvi