Thank you for being a part of Periscope's largest meditation movement!

On this page, I will post all of the resources you need to share #GlobalMeditationScope with the world:  

 We are in the process of updating the site with your info and will let you know ASAP when it's live. Until then, the best way to tell your peeps that you are going to be a featued broadcaster is to join one of our official GMS peritrains! 

Just for your viewing: the master list of all guides who are participating so far.

1. Sign up for time slot for a Peritrain:

Peritrains are by far the most effective, fun and high energy way of getting word about GMS out into the world. If you are unable to make one the existing times, feel free to start a new train. Just copy and paste of the table and edit the times. (Please do not delete any old trains)

(A different form to pick a time slot for your scope on Dec 12-13 is coming soon.) 

2. Follow me on Twitter so that I can add you to the group chat and collaborate with other GMS broadcasters:  DM me so i know to add you to the group. This group chat is also important for the whitelist for Katch. We are having our own special Katch page made to create a collection of the meditation scopes that people can revisit.

3.  Enable stats -tracking. This is important so that we have solid numbers about the impact of GMS.

  • Sign up for FullScope:  Its free. and it will help us track all stats. 
  • Sign up for

4. Optional: If you would like to collab more other scopers, join the FB group. this is the only one place where I can gather all of the GMS guides because Twitter DM is maxed at 50 people:

 Additional files for you to use:

Logo with curved edges

Basic Logo (we are the ones on the rightwith skinny lines)

Press Release. (coming soon)

The deadline for others to sign up to be guides is in 10 days, Dec 2, so if you know other scopers (especially outside of North America) who would love to be a part of GMS, invite them to apply asap! :) 

That's it for now. Feel free to email me if you have any questions: . Thank you SO much for being involved in GMS. We are going to bring so much peace and positive energy to the world! 

Infinite Love, 
Anita xx