Imagine waking up everyday knowing exactly what to do
in order to create your desired life.

Imagine never being disappointed, jealous or afraid, but you have an unshakeable connection to who you really are.

Imagine the bliss you feel after doing a guided meditation
being your natural state everyday.


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Join us in in Hawaii Sept. 15-19 for an unforgettable journey!


This is an immersive, one-of-a-kind, 5-day meditation course and yoga retreat that helps you to break free of fear, access a state of lasting peace and become empowered to create your authentic life.

• • •

Reconnect to your power, deepen your connection and inspire others along the way.
Immerse yourself in transformational lessons from international broadcaster and meditation teacher, Anita Wing Lee.



If you'd been wondering and talking about how to heal old wounds and do something more meaningful different with your life, but you'd been holding back or afraid, Become Your True Self is for you.

• • •

For the past 5 years, I've been on sharing my journey of stepping into my truth online and helped thousands of people awaken to their true potential, live on their own terms, and finally pursue the vision in their hearts.

Now it's your turn...

During BECOME YOUR TRUE SELF, I'll show you how to...

  • Break free of the fears that hold you back from your potential. You'll learn how to deal with mind fluctuations such as anger, fear, greed, happiness and anxiety to uncover the deeper stillness and state of bliss.
  • Dissolve old patterns of stress, anxiety, panic and depression.  Learn powerful meditation techniques that you can take home with you and transform your experience of.
  • Access a deep, lasting state of peace, confidence and inner strength. Become the kind of person who is a magnet for opportunity.
  • Pursue your passion fearlessly - and earn a living doing it!  You'll learn how to activate the power of surrender to manifest your desired lifestyle.
  • Become your True Self and be empowered to live your authentic life.  Get the inside scope on how I've created a life on my terms and get personalized feedback on your path.  Learn how to use your inner compass to navigate and build a successful career.


"Peace is not passivity. It is really the seat of creative power."
- Shanti Christo




Become Your True Self is no ordinary weekend retreat. It's a powerful deep dive into how to access your innate life purpose, create a meaningful life and make a difference.  It's purposefully and thoughtfully designed to be both intimate (very limited spaces available) and expansive.

• • •

We all have layers of conditioning. Conditioning from our parents, from the education system, from society, from advertising. Conditioning is not bad, but the story that we've been trained is to believe is that the world is run on fear, lack, and competition. We live our lives afraid to lose our jobs, afraid of not having enough money and afraid of what people think.

What if you were free of these fears?

Imagine being totally free to dream, knowing that you have within you the power the create what you desire.  Learn to live as your True Self and everything you've been looking for in life will appear.



  • Step-by-step guidance and never-been-told insights
  • Transformational tools and meditation practices I use in my own life to upgrade my consciousness.
  • Training for all levels. Whether you've been practicing yoga for two years or you're brand new to meditation, I'll show you how to heal every aspect of your life -  career, relationships, money, health and more - with meditation.
  • Soulful connections and new lifelong friends, partners and collaborators.
  • Immersive training and rejuvenated mind. With no distractions, you'll have plenty of time to digest what you learn, mingle or be alone in nature, reflect, hike, swim, stargaze, and relax in quietude.


"We must grow deeper roots in order to create bigger fruits in our lives. Everything I create on the outside - including the ability to travel the world - is a reflection of how deep I grow and how much I anchor in my True Self."

- Anita Wing Lee




Five years ago, something in me stirred. I knew that I was not meant for a traditional corporate job. I felt called to travel, explore undiscovered terrain and inspire people around the world. Along the way, I discovered that there is a way of living in the world that is completely different from what I was taught.

• • •

Through meditation and my commitment to discovering the truth, I was able to heal old wounds, let go of ingrained fears and step into my power as a teacher, leader and healer in the world. Today I am humbled to say that I have traveled to over 26 countries, learned from top teachers in Africa, Asia and Europe and built the online empire of my dreams.  Everyday my dreams come true and this is the way it should be for everyone.

I created Become Your True Self to remind you that there is another way. When you have an unshakeable connection to who you really are and you make every decision in life from this place within, you can create a life beyond your wildest dreams. More importantly, you will have an deep, lasting state of inner peace that will propel you to your greatest successes.

I feel a deep responsibility to empower you to embark on this journey yourself. It is not enough to live vicariously through someone else.  You must become your true self, and share the gifts you are meant to in this lifetime.

Imagine knowing exactly how to deal with every challenge
that comes up in your life. 




Daily sunrise yoga class and meditation group sits.

Daily AM and PM transformational workshops with Anita Wing Lee to dive deep into meditation, healing and manifesting.

4 delicious vegetarian/vegan breakfasts, 4 dinners and 2 lunches. 

Excursion options to snorkel in tide pools, relax in natural thermal pools, and visit sacred waterfalls.

24/7 access to our stunning Meditation Pavilion.

Optional sunset ceremony at Volcanoes National Park (extra fee).

• • •


5:45 - 7:15 AM: Watch the sun rise every morning while expanding with our private yoga class and meditation.

8:00 - 9:00 AM: Breakfast of tropical breakfast with local fruit, savory vegan muffins, spiced granola, chia pudding,  and organic herbal tea or coffee with agave nectar, catered by local professional chefs.

10:00 - 12:00 PM:  Immersive workshop with Anita Wing Lee

1:00 - 2:00 PM: Make soulful connections over a lunch of delicious vegan meal at our retreat center or off property.2:00 - 4:30 PM: Snorkeling in mermaid ponds, swimming at Black Sand Beach,

5:00 - 6:00 PM: Workshop with Anita Wing Lee or Group Meditation.

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM: Mingle and appreciate our magical day over a dinner of delicious, locally-sourced vegetarian meals.

9:00 PM: Bedtime



"The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”
― Winston Churchill

• • •



  • If you have an inner knowing that there is another way to live and making a living.
  • You've done a guided meditation with Anita and you know that there's more you need to learn.
  • You're ready to stop bouncing between fear and belief, doubt and confidence.
  • You're ready to discover your power to create your reality.


Are you ready to Become Your True Self?

Enrollment is currently closed!


Become Your True Self will be help at Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center, which is situated on 11-acres of stunning sacred land on the Big Island of Hawaii.

• • •

You'll get an authentic "off-grid" living experience as KMEC is operates fully on on state-of-the-art solar power and water purification.   Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will consist of delicious 100% organic vegetarian meals with vegan options, fresh juices, unique deserts, and healthy snacks/teas. Every morning we will be doing sunrise yoga in KMEC's open air, ocean view yoga studio. Workshops will be help in the Meditation Pavilion, custom built and designed in Bali.




Accommodations are lovely cabins with options for both individual and shared, all full of charm.  You'll wake up to the warm ocean breeze and the sounds of nature everyday. Located a short 15 minute walk to the oceanfront daily snorkeling and swimming. 

Single Occupancy:
Economy Cabin: $425
Standard Cabin: $545 (Choice of oceanview, private bath, deluxe.)
Camping: $288 (Bring your own tent)

Shared Occupancy:
Standard Cabin: $325 (choice of double bed or two twins).

Packages include 5 days, 4 nights at Kirpal Meditation & Ecological Center.  Accommodations are paid for separately within 7 days after the program fee is paid.  Once your program spot is confirmed, you'll be emailed a link to submit payment for accommodations.


It's Time To Become Your True Self

Program Fee: $397 USD

*** very limited spots available.***



Anita Wing Lee in an international broadcaster, meditation teacher and award-winning speaker.  She is the founder of Global Meditation Scope, the largest worldwide movement of live-streamers dedicated to helping people reconnect with their hearts through meditation.  After experiencing how meditation healed her anxiety in 2014, she is now outspoken advocate for the self-healing power of meditation.  A prolific broadcaster, Anita has reached over 250,000 viewers through her live-streams. Known to be a voice for wisdom beyond her years and a leader in the new generation of conscious creators,  Anita continues to teach thousands how to meditate and access peace in their lives every week. 



How do I get to Kirpal Meditation & Ecological Center in Hawaii?

We recommend flying into Hilo airport on Big Island. KMEC provides shuttle service from Hilo airport to and from the property for $80 one way.  If there are multiple people arriving at the same time, this cost can be split. You can also rent a car and drive to KMEC from Hilo airport (45 minute drive) or Kona airport (2.5 drive).   Car rentals are about $30/day on the island.  A private chat will be created between course participants to co-ordinate.

Can I bring a friend/parter/roommate?

Yes, of course! Refer a roommate, friend or partner, select the Shared accommodation option and you'll be placed in the same cabin. Email us at to confirm.

What if I don't have a roommate?

We do roommate matching.  You can opt for a shared room, fill out a short questionnaire and be matched with a compatible roommate.

When does the course start on Thursday, Septemer 15?

Please plan to arrive at Kirpal by no later than 3pm on September 15.   Check out 12 noon on Monday, September 19 and course end time is at 3pm. You are welcome to stay at Kirpal prior to course start time or after course end time, but please plan your travels according to these times.

What if I want to come earlier/stay later?

You are welcome to extend your at Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center prior to the course or after the course dates.  Please contact for rates.

Got more questions? Email them to and we will respond as soon as possible.