Hi! I’m Anita.

‘About’ pages are usually where I’m supposed to list off the accomplishments that I think will impress you. Thing is, life is not about racking up accomplishments. I'm the kind of human who admires sunsets, seeks wisdom and ponders truth, so frankly, I’d rather be me — the whole me — and invite you to make yourself at home here.

Shall we skip the small talk and dive right into a heart-to-heart?

I’ve always had the feeling that there’s something we’re meant to be doing. We’re here to contribute and create. I found my calling at a young age and I let it propel me through this wild, wild life.

My Story

Why I Create

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I found a purpose for my existence when I started to struggle with my body image in at age 12. At the time, I was convinced that mass media and advertising were the culprit so I decided I would work in media to spread positive messages when I grow up. This was my cosmic act of defiance. I’m not sure where I got the tenacious idea that I could take on a $1.2 trillion industry, but it stuck.

I never forgot my decision.

I let this desire to work in media carry me through school. I felt so much purpose, clarity and momentum from knowing what I wanted to do with my life that I often wished my friends could have this experience too. I entered a media program in university but soon realized that working in traditional radio, film, television or print meant that I’d be stuck promoting what other people wanted to say.

Then I discovered the Internet. And that I could publish anything I wanted through it. I was in.


How I Started Traveling

However, I still had to finish school.

I enrolled in business school, still hoping that I could change the media industry from the inside out. It was there that I found great hope for humanity, as well as sorrow over the prospects for my generation. At that time I knew I didn’t want to spend my life in a suit so I figured, if I want a different kind of life, I’m going to have to do things differently. 

I started traveling solo when I was 20. Disappointed and disillusioned with the options that the world seemed to be offering me, I dove headfirst and heartfirst into travel. Always one to venture to the places that scare me, I backpacked through East Africa on my second solo trip.

This experience changed me forever. I tapped into a level of courage I never knew I had.  Through my travels, I found family: sisters and brothers strewn around the world who were creating a lives of purpose, freedom and meaning. They didn’t care about chasing job titles or income. They wanted to be alive and make a difference.  With these new ideas bubbling up inside me and no one at home to talk about them with, I started my first blog in 2012.  By the time I had finished school, I’d been to 23 countries and I knew there was different way to live.  


Living With My Whole Heart

Since then, I’ve travelled to, worked in and lived in 34 countries.

I started out funding my travels with whatever was available to me and soon shifted to offering my growing skillset to companies, non-profits and organizations around the world that inspired me.

I’ve traveled in dozens of ways: working in international development, working on a cruise ships, teaching English and running my online business from my laptop. I’ve had the opportunity to work at a retreat centre in Hawaii, build an eco-community in Portugal, live broadcast from in refugee camps in Greece and speak at technology summits.

I built an online platform by the time I was age 25 that allowed me to continue travelling and working from my laptop indefinitely. Yet the most precious things are the lessons I’ve learned, the friends I’ve made and the person I’ve become along the way.

I love the thrill of adventure, connecting with human beings from all walks of life and seeing the world with fresh eyes. I love taking messages that matter, bringing them to life and amplifying them.

In 2017, I published Home Is Oceans Here, a memoir, travelogue and how-to guide from my years of travel.



By 2018, I’d spent so much time on the road that my next frontier is to stay put in one place, integrate all I’ve learned and grow from here.

Currently based in Toronto, I continue to write, film, travel and work with organizations that are doing work I believe in.  From being a full-time traveller to being a full-time creative, I’m living proof that life need not be a 9-to-5 grind. Life is full of possibility.

It may require mustering an extra ounce of courage to book the ticket, start the project or heal the wound, but I know you’ve got it in you and I’m here to support you along the way.

My heart’s desire is to encourage and embolden you to live the fullest life you can imagine (and more).


I’ve always believed that there is something unique for each of us to do. You are chosen. You are born for this each moment in history. You have a once-in-a-lifetime combination of God-given gifts, talents, personality traits, temperament, character structure and creative genius that can change the game. 

This website and all of my content is here for you. I’m not here to be a guru, just a friend, ally, comrade, soul sister and, if you will allow me the privilege, a fellow traveler on this epic journey we call of life. My commitment to you is to share what I’m living and learning transparently and honestly.

Thank you for being on this journey with me! 

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Professional Bio

anita wing lee

Anita Wing Lee is a media host, director, producer, social innovator, writer and speaker. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she has cultivated a global community through her multi-platform storytelling and her bold, yet relatable voice.  Anita has been featured multiple times on Periscope, the popular live-streaming application, as one of the top female broadcasters to follow.

Anita founded Global Meditation Scope, a first-of-its-kind livestreaming event that brought together 400 broadcasters. Through her social good initiative, #ProjectSoulFam, she was one of the first to livestream the European refugee crisis from the ground — broadcasting raw stories and interviews from inside refugee camps.

With over a decade of media production experience, Anita has worked with numerous clients in the wellness, travel, social good and creative industries.  She is author of two books including her most recent, Home Is Oceans Here: A Journey and The Soul Of Humanity.

 A seasoned world traveler, Anita has been to 34 countries thus far.  She has been featured in Mashable, CBC, Adweek and numerous podcasts and is a regular contributor to Faith Strong Today.