What would your life be like if you knew
you could land any job you wanted? 

Do you that inner nudge that you are meant for more in life?


Join Anita Wing Lee in Zero To Network, a powerful online program that will open the floodgates to unlimited opportunities.

Anita Wing Lee is a transformational life coach, award-winning international speaker and creative entrepreneur who has been helping a new generation of Life Trailblazers launch careers of passion, purpose and true success.  


When you hear the word "networking," you might think: 

  • Networking is salesy. It means means sucking up to people. 
  • Networking is only for people who don't have 'good enough' resumes. 
  • I'm stuffing my resume with good volunteer activities so I don't need to network. 
  • I'm too shy to network. 
  • I have no idea how to network. What do I even say?
  • Networking is handing out business cards (and I don't have any). 

Let me show you what it means to network authentically and use your passion to land your dream gig. 



About Zero To Network: 

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Zero To Network is an online program designed to teach you how to build a professional network so that you can get hired by your dream company, attract new business opportunities and get paid for being your authentic self.  

It is a transformational deep dive into what it means and what it takes to build lasting, genuine connections with world-changing  people you want to work with. 

I will show you what I do step-by-step so that lucrative opportunities always come to you.  



This Program Is For You If: 

  • You want to network powerfully to grow your business or land a job doing something you love! 
  • You have an inner knowing that you dream opportunities are out there - you just need to get out of your shell and access them.
  • You have a deep desire to travel, grow as a person and help more people. 
  • You're fed up with looking at job boards and not seeing anything that interests you. 
  • You want to  network authentically, without sucking up or being fake (this skill that will last you a lifetime!)
  • You want to be surrounded by like-minded, generous, ambitious and heart-centered people.

If this is you, I invite you to join me inside! 

Join Zero To Network Today
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Here’s what you get: 

  • 6 video modules where I walk you through every step of the process - from your first contact to sealing an internship or job.  
  • 2 bonus modules with extra resources, checklists and templates. 
  • Bonus Networking 2.0 Masterclass with exclusive training, and Q&A on how I network with my intuition to know the right people to connect to
  • Private Facebook group for 24/7 interaction and support with a network of like-minded trailblazers and travellers with opportunities for accountability, partnership and practice buddies!


Module 1: Networking Strategy

How to overcome shyness, how to get started if you don't know anyone, how to know which companies you should target, building genuine relationships with the pros.



Module 2: Writing Emails Like A Pro

How to write emails explained professionally without sounding like a robot, what to do if people don't respond, the 5 different types of emails you must know, elevator pitches.


Module 3: Meeting Influencers In Person

Where and when you should ask to meet in person, what exact questions to ask, what to do if you freeze up and you run out of questions, how to handle coffee meetings.



Module 4: Staying Connected Online & Social Media 

How to contact people on social media, how to post so you don't destroy all your new professional connections, how to use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to attract your dream company.


Module 5:  Networking Events & Conferences

How to handle events, who you should meet, what to do when you get stuck in a conversation with someone you don’t like, what to do with business cards, how to exude confidence so people will want to work with you. 


Module 6: Following Up & Getting Work 

How to ask for an internship or job, what to do if they're not hiring, what to do if you take another job, how to stay in touch with all your contacts over the long haul, getting and giving introductions.



Wait! There's more bonuses: 

Bonus #1:  Staying Organized

Checklist to guide you through networking process. Print one of these off for every person you'll meet and you can be sure land a job. Template to keep track of all contacts, timeline, how to stay organized as your network blossoms and you're adding 30, 40, 50+ people to your professional network.

Bonus #2: Email Templates That Swoon

Word-for-word templates I've used to contact people and get jobs, explanations of how to use the templates to craft your own emails. 



Bonus #3: NETWORKING 2.0 Masterclass 

In this exclusive training, I will reveal all the details of how I network more intuitively now.  Contacts will come to you and opportunities will fall into your lap when you know how to keep the momentum from Zero To Network going in the long haul. 




What's it worth to know how to land dream gigs, so you can do it over and over again?


Everything I teach in Zero To Network I learned from a business program that cost me $50K, from trial and error, and from refining and tweaking this process for the last four years. My life was the guinea pig and now I'm teaching you the best of what works.  Networking from your heart and soul. 

You've probably spent hundreds of dollars on textbooks and tuition, but how much of it has actually helped you land your dream gig?

I could easily be charging several hundred dollars for this program, because my peeps have gotten  REAL results. REAL connections. REAL relationships. Real paid jobs. Past ZTN grads are now working all around the world. 

But I'm keeping the investment for ZTN low  not because I want reach and empower as many people as possible. This is your time. 


ARE YOU READY to break out of the bubble and
meet the people who want to hire you

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What They're Saying: 

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Zero To Network helped me to shift my mindset from thinking "how can I help" rather than "how can they help me".  I am now making a more conscious effort to be more genuine in my writing, communication and networking and I'm getting better responses to my messages allowing me to make more and better connections with people! 

- Rosilda Xavier


After working with Anita, I got a job in New Brunswick! This is somewhere I’ve never been before and it's perfect because I wanted to travel and experience life on my own. It’s a huge leap for me but I’m excited!

Anita showed me how to pursue what I want in life, not just accept what the world hands me. I’ve grown so much from her program. I’m taking a year off school and going to start a whole new life, on my terms. Thank you so much, Anita. I couldn’t have done this without you! 

-- Manojan S.,

After hearing about Anita's travels and how she so expertly created her own travel and internship opportunities for herself, I trusted her advice wholeheartedly. 

I would highly recommend working with Anita if you want to change your mindset into a more positive one, realistically set goals and reach them with flying colors. Anita is a dynamic mentor and I am endlessly grateful for the value she gives in her interactions. 

-- Tara Byrne, Founder of Under 30 Changemakers

Anita coached me on my networking skills and she showed me how to naturally turn one contact I made at a law firm into a professional network in the law industry for myself.  Before her, I used to strike up conversations with people but didn't know how to stay in touch without annoying them. Now I'll be able to secure a law internship when the time comes because I know so many people in the industry!

 - Adit Daga

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Join Zero To Network Today


Does "networking" actually work? 

I'm all about networking authentically and powerfully and when you do that, YES, it works! I am living proof. I just repeated this process myself since I came back to Canada from Singapore in April 2014 and I got two job offers. I also recently landed a big speaking gig for my business through networking.  When you create a network for yourself following the method I teach, doors open where there were only walls. 

If i'm not looking for a job right away, will this course still help me? 

Yes! Networking is a essential skill to create a fulfilling and successful career. Once you know how to do it right, you can do it for life. Networking also takes time before your connections will turn into job offers. The earlier you start before you actually need the job, the better. 

How long is the program? 

The content is 100% online and delivered via HD video. You can go through the video modules at your own pace. Watch them all at once or pace it out over a few weeks. You have lifetime access to the content. 

I'm in introvert. Will this program help me? 

Yes! I am a natural introvert too, but the networking I teach is all about being genuine and being yourself.   ZTN grads include introverts and extroverts, and they have ALL developed powerful, confident networking skills and landed internships and jobs in all industries. 

I need more support. Can I work with Anita 1-on-1? 

Yes. If you are interested in coaching 1-on-1 with Anita, fill out this application

I have more questions! 

Please send them to anita@anitawinglee.com and I will answer within 24 hours. 

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