Are you ready to be someone who lives your passion, carves your path AND changes the world?

Passion Possible is a high level coaching and mentorship program
for The New Generation of Life Trailblazers. 

You have this deep inner knowing that there is more to life than this:

university - job - job - all inclusive vacation - job - job - die. 

You want to travel and explore the world.

You want to create something totally unique and totally YOU, from the ground up.

You want to be someone who inspires others. You want to do something worth your while. 

This 4 month accelerated coaching program is for young trailblazers who get that our careers are SO much bigger than us. We can make a HUGE impact, but first we have to develop and grow ourselvesWe have to be someone who acts now.  

You  have an inkling that there is a better way of creating a career than just looking for jobs and hopping from job to job, but you don’t know how to do it.

Let me show you how...

I remember sitting in university, scrolling through job postings wondering, there MUST be a better way!  

I went to the best business school in Canada (hailed as the "Harvard Of The North"), and yet, these office jobs were the best the world could offer me!?

I refused to believe it. 

And now, I'm living proof that you CAN turn your passion into a thriving, wicked-fun, exhilarating career, doing exactly what you believe in and love.  

I graduated university in 2014, skipped the corporate track altogether and launched my dream career immediately. 


Imagine waking up to hundreds of emails from people ALL around the world, telling you how much you've inspired them and offering you dream opportunities. 

Imagine traveling the world without worrying about money.

Imagine working on your DREAM projects and getting paid for it. 


Turning your PASSION into a successful, meaningful career isn't wishful thinking anymore,
it is totally POSSIBLE.


Why Work With Anita? 

In the span of two months, I learned how to networking so powerfully and authentically that I landed multiple, paid social good travel internships where I all of my expenses were covered and I got to travel for free. 

I visited 21 countries by landing my dream gigs. For the last 3 years I have been travelling to exotic places, doing meaningful, life-transforming work for causes I loved and creating a personal network of global changemakers. 

I have been relentlessly committed to living my passion for over a decade. This led me to I master my networking skills and develop my soulful personal brand, which allowed to launch my dream career immediately after graduating university. 

In 2014, in the span of 4 months I launched my personal branded website and generated a consistently, multiple 4 figure monthly income. 

Now I have studied and reverse engineered everything that I did over the last few years to create my success and condensed it into this 4 month coaching program. I know that all of it can be learned and implemented in 4 months when you have the right support. 

I am a living example that you CAN live your passion, travel the world, change the world, inspire thousands and be financially abundant.  There is no reason you can't do it to.  You just have to DECIDE step up. 

I've invested tens of thousands of dollars in programs, coaching, mentorship, training and more, get to where I am today. You don't have to. 

All you have to do is DECIDE. 

Your Passion is the seed of who you are meant to be.

Join me in this New Generation Of Life Trailblazers and Changemakers and watch your wildest dreams come true. 

I am committed to guiding you in this journey because the more young people on earth who rise up and commit to living their passion the better the whole world will be. 

This is OUR time to THRIVE. 


What You Will Get: 

Month 1: Honing Your Intuition, Passion & Soul Purpose

  •  Clarify what your unique gifts, passion and 'zone of genius' are

  • Carve out your ideal career and lifestyle and map out create it 

  • Strengthen your belief and confidence in your intuition to guide you

  • Transcend other people’s expectations for you and stand strong in your passion

Month 2: Networking Mastery & Money Mindset

  • Master your networking skills so  you never have to apply to jobs  again 

  • Learn to network so authentically that you won't feel fake or sleazy

  • Develop your wealth consciousness and so  you never worrying about making enough money 

  • Fill your personal and professional network with people who lift you higher

Month 3: Your Unmistakeable Personal Brand 

  • Learn how to fuse your passion into a powerful personal brand 

  • Create an online brand that you can get the attention of major dream partners and collaborators

  • Learn how to access hidden travel opportunities and expand your horizons in the way that only travel can

  • Understand your unique personal brand and promote it offline and online to land your dream gigs 

Month 4: The Next Rising Star 

  • Step into your power as a young global leader

  • Hone your intuition so you can make the best decisions of your career, every time

  • Position yourself as an expert (at any age!)

  • Attract A-players to help you create your mission in the world

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.22.33 PM.png

Passion Possible is for those who have a strong desire to play big in the world.

You've known all along that you're meant for more.
You're meant to inspire people with your story.  
With your life. 
Now let's make it happen.

The people you want to serve  are waiting for YOU to STEP UP and LIVE your PASSION. 


How It Works:

PASSION:POSSIBLE includes Private Support: 

  • 90-minute hour coaching intensive, one every month 
  • 12 x 1-hour private coaching sessions 
  • 3 x 1-hour Clearing & Healing sessions (We will use EFT Tapping.)
  • Built in accountability and personalized feedback every step of the way
  • Unlimited Email support from Anita

AND a built-in community with Likeminded Life Trailblazers: 

  • Monthly group training masterclasses on special topics like networking relationships, branding, getting clear on your desires, online presence, wealth consciousness 
  • Private Facebook with ambitious, inspired and supportive life trailblazers who are going for their dreams! Build genuine connections and friendships with people are intending becoming global change makers! Close-tight community & mastermind. 


Apply by April 15,2015 and get this bonus: 

Zero To Network Online Program

After years of landing my dream jobs, internships and travel opportunities with networking, I'm sharing all of my best secrets: 

  • 6 modules on Networking Strategy, Writing Emails like a Pro, Meeting Influencers In Person, Staying Connected Online, Events & Conferences and Following Up 
  • 2 bonus modules  on Staying Organized and Email Templates That Swoon


You receive Zero To Network ($497 value) included for free



Your Investment:

Full Price: $4000

Early Bird Price (only 1 of these spots left!): 

Pay in full discount:
$3000 USD

Payment Plan:
Four payments of $800 USD

If you are ready to get out of the old paradigm and step into your destiny as a young  changemaker I invite you to apply now. I can guarantee you that this journey will forever change your life.  

You truly CAN live your passion and change the world. 

Start Today!


Got questions about this program? Not sure if it's right for you? Email them to


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