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Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to travel the world and share positivity.  I've dabbled in TV, radio and film but the moment I laid my thumbs on the Periscope keyboard,  I realized this is what the life was preparing me for. 

I want to be clear. I am not here to build a "business" or make myself a peri-celebrity. I have simply realized that the most powerful way I can be of service in the word is to sharing my journey of being a 25 year old, committed to living her highest calling.

I do daily scopes of guided meditations, my travels, spiritual guidance, book clubs and more.  Every time I start a broadcast, my intention is to create a space for us to connect with our hearts and live authentically.

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As a prolific Periscoper and content creator, I would not be here without you. My work is supported and spread by the contributions of the angelic community of open-hearted souls like you. 

By offering to contribute at whatever level you can, you honor this work and support the incredible source of healing and love that is our Periscope channel.

There are 2 ways to support:

1. Make a donation using Paypal: paypal.me/AnitaWingLee.

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We are in this journey together. I'm not here to ask for your money. I'm just creating another channel for us to share love and love in the world. Whether you contribute financially or not, please know that my Periscopes will always be free.  

I love you so much.  Thank you for being here. <3

All My Love & Gratitude, 

Anita xx


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