What They’re Saying

tayo rockson anita wing lee

“Anita is a trailblazer for our generation.

She has a remarkable ability to connect with different types of people and get them to become the best version of themselves.”

- Tayo Rockson, CEO and Founder of Use Your Difference Magazine



"Anita’s guidance helped me make one of the biggest and best decisions after university.

Having been selected to go on an internship in Ghana, I was overwhelmed and anxious about the big decision I had to make. Anita's willingness to go the extra mile to help out/answer any questions I had (no matter how small) gave me all the necessary tools to make the decision confidently. I ended up going to Ghana for the internship; It was one of my favourite and memorable experiences post-university. The Ghana internship also helped me land my current job!

Anita is a huge inspiration – having done the traveling/internships abroad, and taking charge of what she wants, makes her an excellent coach and invaluable mentor work with. I am always looking forward to my sessions with her because I know that she will inspire me and push me higher."

- Stephanie Liauw, Toronto, Canada,  http://thefantasia.com/


Anita I want to sincerely thank you for coming into my life and being my mentor and coach. Its been an amazing, incredible, and fulfilling experience since I started my career journey under your umbrella.

I must say that Anita that you have made me to "think big" and "think global". Before when I use to share my ideas of social good, and social change with the people around me they use to discourage me by saying "its not realistic" but it is you who have made me think that nothing is impossible. 

The coaching sessions I have had with you have given me loads and loads of positive feedback, motivation, which has resulted in strengthening my inner "BELIEF".

Anita, I don't have words to thank you how much you have contributed to my growth and success. I believe and my 100% certain that under your guidance I will make my dreams come true!

- Syed Rizvi, Founder of I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR


"Anita is the real deal.

If you are looking for someone who is passionate about taking the world by storm, creating a life that is lived on your own terms than this woman is for you.

Coaching with Anita she is going to help you clarity your dream career while showing you that it's possible to get there!" 

- Maddison Vernon, Melbourne, Australia, http://maddisonvernon.com/ 



"Working with Anita is like getting a dose of inspiration that made me unstoppable.  She goes above and beyond to make sure you feel prepared to succeed.  

Anita is the one who inspired me do things like develop a new educational plan and study abroad in France.  Now I can see that it's possible to create a career doing what I love.   She pushed me forward and made a huge contribution to my development as a young adult. I am so grateful to have Anita in my life.

 She motivates you and makes you committed to your goals - you can’t put a price tag on that. 

- Natalia Samoylenk, Russia



Within weeks of working with Anita and doing her Zero To Network Program, I landed an internship where I got to go to Panama! 

I now know that companies can say many things but it's entirely in my hands to decide whether I really want the position or not. It's not about the age, gender or nationality, just the internal decision making and passion one has.

- Mariana Espejo, Lima, Peru 



Anita has helped me become much more confident in myself and my networking abilities!

I have at least 50 new professional contacts, gotten two job interviews and got offered dream internship.  

My mindset and attitude to be much more positive! I've learned a lot more about the industry I want to work in as well as more clarity to what I want in life and who I am. It helped me realize some of my passions and dreams in life, but most importantly taught me that I can take control over my life and create opportunities for myself. 

- Tina Chow, Toronto, Canada


zach spuckler anita wing lee

It's a rare person that can lead, teach, and share with their heart wide open. 

Anita empowers everyone to unlock the greatness they are tempted to hide away with an intense authenticity and transparency that is hard to find these days.

  Simply put - this girl is the real deal.

- Zach Spuckler, HeartSoulHustle.com



I was thinking a lot about moving abroad and working for a company in the sharing economy, a topic I am passionate about.  My session with Anita helped me get energized and motivated me to be more proactive in my job search and leverage my network of contacts and my experience.

I am excited to say that I now work in Paris at an international tech startup, and I'm loving every moment of it!

- Lucy Gao, http://www.lucygao.me/



Anita has the perfect combination of being a go-getter and being ridiculously good-hearted. She creates tangible opportunities  for others where none existed. Her youthful and energetic spirit will enable her to connect with other young people effectively and inspire them to be the best that they can be. 

She is a young, passionate, dedicated leader who is determined to help others and make the world a better place through her work.  I am continually inspired by what she comes up with next.  

- Amanda Armstrong, Toronto, Canada


Sara Ataya Testimonial

Before working with Anita, I wasn’t confident in what exactly I wanted to do with my life. I was studying in a university program I liked, but not sure how I could turn that into a career.  I was involved in a lot extracurricular activities but they often left me feeling more overwhelmed. 

Anita mentored me while I was interning in East Africa and helped me deal with the immense challenges that I faced.  She'll break down what you need to do, step-by-step, to reach your unique goals in the short term and get you on track to reach your long term dream career.  She gave me complete life and mindset overhaul.  I'm happier and more confident now because I know how to get where I want to go.  

Anita  teaches you things that they never teach you in school, but now I can see why they're so important!  Her advice works. I definitely recommend with Anita if you get the chance.  She's made a lasting impact in my life!  

- Sara Ataya



Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 1.53.40 PM.png

My 1-on-1 sessions with Anita gave me so much motivation.  Before working with Anita, I had decided to take a year off school but felt lost and confused about what I should do with myself.

Anita gave me so much guidance and support when I was stuck.  She showed me that exactly what actions I should take to get where I want to be.  Now I know what I want to do, and even if i get stuck, I’ve learned how to make decisions that are best for me. 

After working with Anita, I decided to take a job in New Brunswick, somewhere I’ve never been before. It’s a huge leap for me but I’m excited.

Anita's shown me how to pursue what I want in life, not just accept what the world hands me.  I’ve grown so much from my time with Anita.  I’m going to start a whole new life and live by myself for the first time. Thank you so much, Anita. I couldn’t have done this without you! 

- Manojan S., Mississauga, Canada



Anita was instrumental in helping me learn to set up a business.  She was so approachable and showed me how to make the best decisions for myself, as opposed to just telling me what to do.  She has way of teaching with sincerity and courage that is unlike anything I'd every experienced at my university.  She made me feel confident in my abilities as a student and optimistic about my future as a young professional at a very critical point in my life.  

I’ve made friends all around the world through her program and I now have a much stronger sense of self-confidence. 

I would recommend mentoring with Anita in a heartbeat.  She is a pro as what she does!  Thank you for your work, Anita! 

- Julia Khaykina, Business Graduate & Brand Manager 



Anita really inspired me to keep pursuing my passion and realize that it's more important than money.   I often felt stuck and frustrated I was trying to make the right choices for myself in Grade 12.  

In high school everyone speaks of the top universities and everyone wants to go to these universities just for the name and the title, however Anita really helped me let go of this and realize that the way to be successful in life is to do what I love.

- Jananee Savuntharanathan, University of Toronto Student



Over the four years that I have known her, Anita has been my classmate, my colleague, my close friend and, perhaps most importantly, my mentor. Anita was the one to inspire me to “dream big” and to step outside of my comfort zone.

She coached me as I applied to and eventually got accepted into Canada’s #1 business school – a life changing decision for which I have Anita to thank entirely.

What makes Anita such an inspirational and positive individual is her optimistic approach to life and unprecedented belief that one can achieve their dreams, no matter how unattainable they seem in the present.  

- Tanja Coso, Business and Media Undergraduate Student, Western University 



 Anita coached me on my networking skills and she showed me how to naturally turn a contact I made at a law firm into an entire professional network in the law industry for myself.

 The best thing about working with Anita was that it made me time out of my day and follow through with my goals.

Before her, I used to strike up conversations with people but have no idea how I was supposed stay in touch and not annoying people. Now I’m confident that I’ll be able to find an internship when the summer comes around!

 - Adit Daga, First Year Undergraduate Business Student