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Books That Changed Anita's Life

Welcome to my virtual nightstand, where I keep my favorite books! I'm a voracious reader. I often end up on binge-reading sprees when it feels like my soul is reminding me of my calling and life direction.  Here are 9 of the books that have most powerfully influenced my beliefs about life and confirmed my suspicions about how life should flow.  I will be updating this list every season or so, so check back often!


The book selected for our Periscope Book Club! This book will completely alter your paradigm about how life *really* works.  This is book that I currently live by and it has given me access to a profound state of peace and trust in life. 

Wayne Dyer's memoir helped me to understand the pieces of my life and how they will all one day fit together into something magnificent.  This is a beautiful portrait of someone who followed his heart and became a powerful force of light in the world. 

This book confirms many of the things that we thought about life as kids. It gives incredible wisdom on how to live fearlessly, how to raise your vibration and live you light. 

There are many books about Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), but I felt a special connection Anita Moorjani because her NDE was on my birthday, she is from Hong Kong and she is Indian (I always get Indian people telling me my name is Indian.) Read this to understand the real of life and death. 

All three books in the Conversations With God series captivated me. Told in a  fun, lighthearted and easy-to-read format, these books presented the universal, spiritual truth I always knew to be true. 

Like the beginner's guide to discovering your psychic abilities, this book gave me a empowered me to - not just believe - but to know that we are not alone. 

Lilou Mace is a rare person who  courageously follows her bliss. I could literally feel her vibrant, cheerful energy in every page of this book. Filled with insights on how to get paid doing what you love. 


This beautiful collection of  stories paints a tapestry of what life looks like when we are live from our soul, not just our bodies and minds. 

The most succinct and fun to read books on wealth consciousness. This explore what it means to make money in the world by living in accordance with the laws of the Universe.  

My favorite Marianne Williamson book. She breaks down how to transform every area of our lives from a spiritual perspective. 


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