Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I'm on vacation part of the time and have to miss a class?
You'll get a video recording and any PDF worksheets sent to you each week.  It's best if you can participate in the classes live, but if you miss one, you can easily catch up by watching the recording. One-on-one mentoring sessions will be scheduled individually depending on the participant's and Anita’s schedule. 

2. How do I convince my parents that this is worth it?
This program will get you real results - if you’re committed.  This small upfront investment of $97 (for a limited time, $19!) pales in comparison to university tuition fee.  I know from experience that the modules I teach are what set successful students apart from students who are only "book smart" but don't know how to land jobs. Ready To RISE also means that you’ll know how to stretch your tuition further - you can now take advantage of all the opportunities at university because you know how to meet and connect with the people who do the hiring and recruiting for your dream internship.

3. What if I'm not 100% sure what I want to do in university? Will this still help me? 
Absolutely. We spend time in each module helping you clarify your strengths and goals.  The strategies I teach are lifelong skills that can be used to get a dream internships in any industry. 

4. How much time will it take? 
The weekly live classes are 90-minutes long.  I recommend at least 30 minutes/week to begin putting some of the principles into practice. Total Time: 2 hours/week. The course is 100% online with the exception of the optional coffee get-together with Anita and RTR participants (location and date TBC).  

5. Will you be offering this next year? 
I don’t know yet.  This is a new program and I am offering it at a discount this year.  If I do offer it again, it will cost much more.  More importantly though, these tools and strategies are more useful the earlier you learn them.  I don't want you to spend a year meandering aimlessly because you didn't know how to seize all the opportunities that were laid before you in university. 

6. Won’t I just learn all of this in university/college anyway? 
Very few courses in university cover these topics in depth and student career centres offer limited (and sometimes outdated) individual feedback and support. Plus, most university students don't realize the importance of the these skills until third or fourth year when they're looking for a job, giving you a major head start. 

I have one more question...
Send me an email at and I'll get back to you soon as I can.   We can even hop on the phone for 20 minutes to ensure that the program is a good fit for you.